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Karabashmedi will show the account

Yesterday department of state control of UrFO has published results of investigation of an emergency situation in the city of Karabash (the Chelyabinsk area) where recently there was an emission of sulphurous anhydride on Joint-Stock Company Karabashmed . Checking have come to a conclusion that incident has occurred because of administration, and intend to involve the general director of the enterprise Boris Ekamova to administrative and, probably, a criminal liability. Already yesterday check documents have been transferred in department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on UrFO.
we Will remind, incident in the city of Karabash has occurred in the morning on Saturday on June, 26th. From - for hot windless weathers thrown out from pipes medeplavilnogo Joint-Stock Company enterprises Karabashmed gas (sulphurous anhydride) a donkey on the earth. And as this day there was a raised humidity, there was a chemical reaction, and sulfuric acid which has destroyed all green plantings on the area of 102 hectares has turned out. Townsmen have not suffered.
check of the reasons of emission which was spent by the Ural department of state control (DGK) together with employees of department of State Office of Public Prosecutor UrFo yesterday has ended. As has informed in conversation with the correspondent and. The island of the head of service of state control Alexander Veprev, incident has occurred because of a management Karabashmedi which has not organised continuous monitoring of adverse meteoconditions. at the enterprise the system of monitoring of meteoconditions is not adjusted, therefore they have not learnt in time about approach of adverse weather and have not lowered capacity - mister Veprev has informed. As he said, the commission also has found out infringement of a technological mode, from - for which, in its opinion, one of three medeplavilnyh furnaces could throw out quantity of sulphurous anhydride above permitted standard in atmosphere.
we will remind, last year on Karabashmedi There was a similar incident after which ecologists threatened to suspend work of the enterprise before the building termination gazoochistnyh constructions (term of their delivery - December, 2004). But extreme measures then is not has reached - after intervention of the Chelyabinsk authorities prirodoohranniki were limited to removal of instructions about elimination of infringements. probably, they have not taken a lesson from last case: it (to a management Karabashmedi . - ) have allowed to throw out in atmosphere in 33,5 times more dioksida sulfurs, and they do not watch at all meteoconditions - Alexander Veprev has noted. As he said, both to the director, and the enterprise it is necessary to pay the penalty which maximum size for the legal person makes 30 thousand rbl., and also to pay a damage to the environment which size is counted up now by experts DGK.
Besides, the state control department intends to initiate criminal case excitation. Yesterday results of check have been transferred in department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on UrFO who should define presence in management actions Karabashmedi criminal offence structure.
on factory continue to insist that incident was result of confluence of objective circumstances. we did not receive from gidrometa the prevention of approach of adverse meteoconditions, therefore and had not time to take measures - the deputy director " has informed; Karabashmedi on ecology and building Evgenie Orlov. As he said, factory workers have stopped work medeplavilnogo shops at once when have seen that gas does not disappear, and lays down on the earth.
at the enterprise deny also charges in bad monitoring of meteoconditions. yes, we conduct this work only in the working days, but this order is co-ordinated with the city health officer - mister Orlov has noted.
Arguments of administration of the enterprise recognised nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area. As public prosecutor Oleg Vyatkin has informed in conversation with the correspondent , on the instructions of the State Office of Public Prosecutor their inspectors have spent parallel check of incident and have decided not to punish administration. in actions of management there is no crime structure, therefore we have refused criminal case excitation - Oleg Vyatkin has informed.
will watch succession of events.