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Buyers will jump above a ceiling

According to the experts, to the beginning of July of the price for under construction and secondary habitation in Petersburg have reached that ceiling behind which consumer demand recession can begin. Cost of square metre now corresponds to the limiting sum which the potential buyer can lay out for it, and it means that before the market the crisis phantom about which financiers for a long time warned has loomed. However, builders believe that the situation does not become dangerous while crisis is observed in the market at financiers. Trust recession to bank system, in their opinion, stimulates additional sales. The prompt rise in prices for habitation has begun in October when falling of a dollar exchange rate was accelerated and the situation with YUKOS has become aggravated. citizens began to draw out money from bank accounts and to put in more reliable active - real estate, - the financial director of holding RBI Mark Lerner speaks. - And further process became spontaneous: People bought habitation, being afraid that the prices will grow even more . In Strojmontazhe an autumn rise in prices explain also uncertainty of the population on the eve of presidential election. Besides, according to the vice-president on sale of company LEK of Sergey Syrovojsky, during the first half of the year in Petersburg the building cost price has increased by 11 % - first of all at the expense of growth almost three times the sums of investment deductions for the building right.
in Petersburg the under construction and secondary habitation in the first half of the year, by different estimations, has risen in price for 14 % - 25 %. The habitation rose in price non-uniformly: all gain has been reached in January - March, in April - May rates were slowed down, and to the beginning of July the price has slowly but surely reached a ceiling for the mass buyer - $1000 for square metre. The general director of the company Shop of apartments Edward Gogolev notices that the secondary market rose in price together with primary, but at the prices now differs nenamnogo: average cost square metre of new typical habitation - $1000, square metre of secondary habitation - $1050.
According to company LEK, the average price of realisation in kirpichno - monolithic houses at the moment fluctuates in limits from $900 for square metre for three-room apartment to $1020 for square metre for the one-room. Cost of square metre in the panel house depending on a building series on $30 - 60 more low. Thus, according to LEK, now on an apartment city are offered in more than 400 under construction and recently handed over houses. Financiers specify in this circumstance, speaking about an overheat the building market which will inevitably lead sooner or later to its stagnation, - nevertheless possibilities of buyers nebezgranichny.
After the data of builders, now on a share of one-room and two-room apartments 50 % of demand, 30 % - on three-room, 20 % - on multiroom and elite apartments are necessary. The director of agency of real estate Bekar Alexey Begunov marks while a high demand of new apartments in the Vyborg and Seaside areas. good prospects on building at jugo - the West - Krasnoselsky and Kirov areas, it is a green zone with the developed infrastructure - he speaks.
and still, in the general opinion of participants of the market, such rapid growth of the prices for inhabited real estate as in the first half of the year, in September - December will not be. In the summer of the price will grow on 0,5 - 1 %, since September - on 2 - 3 % a month. Following the results of a year growth will make 35 - 40 %. If there will be no unexpectedness connected with bank crisis. Already in the first days of known events round Guta - bank and Alpha bank additional inflow of buyers " began to be felt; - vice-president LEK Sergey Syrovojsky marks.