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The Krasnodar governor threatens Abkhazia with sanctions

Yesterday the governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev actually has threatened with introduction of sanctions against Abkhazia - as punishment that the majority of the population of unrecognized republic has supported opposition candidate Sergey Bagapsh. certain politicians on a populism wave, as a matter of fact, have split the Abkhazian society into two camps - mister Tkachev at a meeting with journalists has declared. In its opinion, that the candidate for presidents Sergey Bagapsh behind which back there are criminal Antirussian forces does, is big political blackmail and bald lie .
Bagapsh Supporters go on the armed capture of the power, - the governor has continued, - storm and keep a cabinet building, a television centre. The first blood has spilt - the citizen of Russia Tamara Shakryl known and respected in republic pravozashchitnitsa, at the beginnings of national movement was lost. And, as the result, is created direct threat of national safety of Russia in a frontier zone .

It is not necessary to be under a delusion with that who thinks that to all of us it is equal, whom to support, - in case of conflict escalation our policy in a frontier zone can already be another, much more rigid, - Alexander Tkachev has declared. - Because in this case the weapon stream will rush on our territory .

According to the governor, Russia never will support power capture of the power : There is a legitimate president who has made the legal decision on carrying out of repeated elections. And this legitimate decision should obey . And if Bagapsh and its supporters kindles the conflict, - mister Tkachev, - I as the governor of frontier region, officially I declare has threatened: in this case we will close border with Abkhazia. We will suspend payment of pensions, after all nobody will give guarantees that Bagapsh will not direct this money on weapon purchase! It is the end to tourism. And the end mandarinovomu to a season of this year .