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Than the potential opponent

the congress of the USA arms One month ago has approved the defensive budget of the Minister of Defence of the USA for 2005 at a rate of $420,6 billion It provides increase in number of ground forces at 20 thousand persons, and marines - on 3 thousand $25 mlrd is allocated for fighting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2005 of payment fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan will be increased from $150 to $225 a month by the person, and surcharge to the divided families - from $100 to $250. In plans of purchase of arms and military technology for 2005 27 helicopters UH - 60 Black Hawk (a total cost - $280 million), 67 tanks Abrams M1A2 ($292 million), 24 fighters F/ A - 22 for the Air Forces ($4,1 mlrd), 42 fighters F/ A - 18E/ F for Naval Forces ($3 mlrd), 11 military - transport planes C - 130J for the Air Forces ($939 million), four military - transport plane KC - 130J for marines ($320 million), two planes of radar-tracking supervision E - 2C Hawkeye for Naval Forces ($226 million), 53 uchebno - training plane JPATS for the Air Forces appear. Besides, $272 million it is taken away on equipment of planes by devices of night vision, $334 million - on purchase of anti-tank missiles Hellfire and Javelin, $905 million - on armored cars Stryker, $506 million - on acquisition of a series of average tactical planes. Naval Forces of the USA will replenish with one rocket nuclear submarine of class Virginia ($2,3 mlrd), three destroyers of class Arleigh Burke ($3,5 mlrd), one landing vessel of class San Antonio ($1 mlrd) and two auxiliary ships for podvoza ammunition of type T - AKE ($68,4 million). Besides, $1,5 mlrd will be allocated for working out and building of the first destroyer of new type DD (X), and $350 million on working out and building of the first universal fighting ship of coastal zone Littoral Combat Ship.