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Preliminary results of congratulations

After Vladimir Putin, on Monday congratulated Victor Yanukovych with a victory on elections, the congratulation to it were directed yesterday by the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and the leader of Dnestr region Igor Smirnov. It is remarkable that the working president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma as of evening of Tuesday of it has still made. Reaction of the western politicians, representatives of the international organisations and the observers, arriving during all yesterday, contained a critical estimation of the taken place elections. The sense of comments was reduced to that fundamental infringements of selective process have undermined its legitimacy.
in the answer president Leonid Kuchma in telephone conversation with Janom Peterom Balkenende, the prime minister - the minister of the Netherlands presiding in EU, has expressed disagreement with statements which sound from the European Union and the separate countries . According to mister Kuchma, similar statements Lead to a situation aggravation in Ukraine and can provoke unforeseen consequences . With the similar statement expressing bewilderment concerning a position of the West, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has acted yesterday.

new skirmish in connection with events in Ukraine has flashed and between Moscow and Washington. On Monday the Russian ambassador in Washington Yury Ushakov has been invited to conversation with the assistant to the US State Secretary of Elizabeth Johns, which as have informed the correspondent sources in gosdepe in the evening of the same day, has expressed a regret about haste with which the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has congratulated Victor Yanukovych on a victory on presidential election in Ukraine . Yesterday the information on this conversation has been published in the Washington Post newspaper and confirmed by embassy of Russia in Washington.

in the answer the Russian embassy has declared that it does not make comments on a being of the regular daily contacts to representatives of administration Also has assumed that the one who is the author of editorial article in Washington Post, has received purposeful information leakage in this respect : Which - who can assume that zamgossekretarja E.Johns has so like a theme of the Ukrainian elections that besides conversation with the Russian ambassador has participated in editing of this article . Besides, the embassy has declared: the Right of our heads to call in neighbouring countries, and also in any country, including being behind ocean, with congratulations or in other any occasion not to take away to anybody, even to Elizabeth Johns and State department .

Yesterday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared on a press - conferences in Portugal: We cannot neither to recognise, nor to deny results of elections in Ukraine as they officially are not published . Thus it has given rather severe rebuff of OSCE, having reminded that this organisation has approved elections in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and having declared that well knows what decision will be accepted concerning future elections in Iraq. Thereupon the Russian president has specified: Ukraine - with the developed legal system, and it it is not necessary to learn the large European state, she can teach (is more detailed about Vladimir Putin`s statements p. 2) see.