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“ In these figures there is a slyness “

the Fifth part of the budget of the Minister of Defence in 2005 should go on purchase of military technology and arms. However, as the deputy director of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies KONSTANTIN MAKIENKO has declared to correspondent KONSTANTIN - LANTRATOVU, the Minister of Defence is going to spend these means irrationally.
- it is how much effective, in your opinion, budgetary funds are spent for needs of arms of the Russian army?

- In my representation, as a whole it is rather inefficient. First of all it is an obvious warp in favour of strategic forces. It is supposed to spend 51,2 % for forces of general purpose in aggregate. It is possible to assume that the remained half of means will be spent for forces of nuclear restraint. However it is completely not obvious that virtual, in general, the contribution of forces of nuclear restraint to defensibility of the country is adequate to such big expenses.

insufficient financing of the Air Forces Is evident also: land forces will receive twice more means, than aircraft. Military men on - former stake, roughly speaking, on infantry and tanks. It basically contradicts universal standards of expenses on aircraft and the general tendency on increase in the contribution of the Air Forces in achievement of success in conflicts.

the striking disproportion between volume of allocated means and ridiculous quantity of bought arms Besides, remains. In these figures there is a slyness. So, in 2005 it is supposed to buy two strategic bombers They be 160, but in practice one of them only will pass repair and modernisation. Also all seven fighters of the Sou - 27ΡΜ for the Air Forces will be modernised from already existing planes.

- what do you think of idea of creation of uniform purchasing body for the Minister of Defence and other power departments?

- the Purchasing policy of power departments looks much more intelligent in comparison with the Minister of Defence. FSB and frontier service buy night versions of helicopters; the shipbuilding program of frontier guards - the sample of rationality and logic in comparison with the Navy program. All it means that the new uniform body should be created on qualitatively other basis and at all on the basis of service of the chief of arms as it, most likely, is supposed now.