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At Boris Berezovsky`s daughter have selected a summer residence

Yesterday Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow Region officially declared the introduction into validity of the decision of Krasnogorsky regional court from August, 5th, 2004 about withdrawal at Boris Berezovsky Ekaterina`s daughter of a summer residence in settlement Petrovo - Distant Krasnogorsky area of Moscow Region. On October, 6th, 2004 the complaint to the decision of Krasnogorsky regional court was rejected by Moscow Regional Court. In the message of Office of Public Prosecutor extended yesterday it is said that the state summer residence #2 (the house a total area of 545,1 sq. m and a ground of 14,253 hectares) has returned to the state property, and the Krasnogorsky department of regional registration chamber has registered the right of the federal property to this property. Till July, 1999 the house and a site belonged to an improving complex (OK) Zhukovka Administrative Department of the President of Russia. Under the decision of that time upravdelami president Pavel Borodina, the state summer residence #2 has been sold Joint-Stock Company LogoVAZ. On the basis of the order of the mister of Borodino the head of Krasnogorsky area Boris Rasskazov has issued in October, 1999 the land selling transaction in private hands (on 100 rbl. for 1 sq.) between municipal union Krasnogorsky area and LogoVAZ. On behalf of the last its general director July of Oaks operated. Subsequently the site has been renewed on Boris Berezovsky Ekaterina`s daughter. In the summer of 2004 the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has brought against the head of Krasnogorsky area criminal case about excess of powers of office by it at realisation of this transaction. On September, 17th the decision about attraction as accused on this business and Boris Berezovsky has been taken out. Yesterday mister Berezovsky has refused comments concerning a recognition of the transaction with a summer residence illegal and returnings to its Administrative Department of the President.