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Nalichka has quarrelled energetikov

Yesterday a press - Open Society service the Omsk regional power company has extended the statement that the joint-stock company (AK) Omskenergo tries to receive means for the electric power transportation, belonging to its branch - MUPEP Omskelektro . Representatives Omskenergo have declared that as monopolists have the right to realise the product under the marketing schemes. Managers of the companies have accused each other of substitution of the facts and use of technologies of a sneer company and have threatened each other with judicial claims. Yesterday a press - Open Society service the Omsk regional power company (the holding includes Open Society the Omsk Power marketing company MUPEP Omskelektro and MUP Teplokommun -
energo ) Has extended the statement that the joint-stock company (AK) Omskenergo tries to receive from the population of 100 % of payments for the electric power and service in its transfer. According to managers OREK Omskenergo applies for reception of the means belonging MUPEP Omskelektro .
In a press - release OREK actions Omskenergo are estimated as seven ways to receive another`s money or power school of O.Bendera use of technologies of a sneer company power influence on subscribers and blackmail of intermediaries .
According to the director of Open Society OmESKO Alexander Mjasnikova, the scheme of tripartite contracts operating today on an electrical supply between Omskenergo Omskelektro and subscribers is it is unique comprehensible to the municipal power companies. The scheme operates more than 10 years. Under this scheme of 82 % of payments for the electric power receives Omskenergo 12 % - Omskelektro and OmESKO . Means are divided between the companies during payments through service of a federal mail service.
as Alexander Mjasnikov, at the moment " has told; Omskenergo wants to receive all payments for the electric power, including for its transportation, and only then to pay off with Omskelektro . According to mister Mjasnikova, Omskenergo the actions calls into question into power safety of region. Today Omskenergo for the rendered services in heat transportation has run into debt MUP Teplokommunenergo 75 million rbl.
to Agree with Omskenergo the world, by a recognition g - on Mjasnikova, it does not turn out yet. As Alexander Mjasnikov, " considers; this solid company shows certain dubovatost and obstinacy. And it is not clear that it is nonsense or desire to substitute the general director . The municipal power companies intend to defend the interests in courts. As mister Mjasnikov, " considers; anybody after all does not apply for money Omskenergo so why they apply for our incomes, more than modest in comparison with their turns? .
according to Alexander Mjasnikova, Omskelektro and OmESKO with an enviable constancy win at Omskenergo in court. the law on our party. As the supplier of service we have the right to money for this service, and Omskenergo it will not be possible to change a situation - mister Mjasnikov has declared.
to other opinion adhere in Open Society AK Omskenergo . According to the chief of department on public relations Omskenergo Ivan Kuharenko, he does not know on what what decisions of court refer a press - services OmESKO And Omskelektro .
frank profanation and a juggling of the facts Is available. They recognise that we - a monopolist. Then about what pressure upon competitors there can be a speech - mister Kuharenko has told. As he said, Omskenergo really aspires to at first to receive all payments for the electric power, and then to make calculations with Omskelektro . Simply they try to divide a skin of not killed bear. Let will better tell, when with them have not paid off, instead of benderstvujut . We are ready to pay for their services, but at observance of necessary conditions - Ivan Kuharenko has informed.
In particular, Omskenergo offers Omskelektro to divide responsibility on decrease in commercial losses which in 2002 have made more than 130 million rbl. Omskelektro Want to pinch off the share from payments, without being sustained by responsibility for commercial losses - Ivan Kuharenko has declared. As he said, Omskenergo it is ready to negotiations with the municipal companies.
will watch succession of events.
Pavel Aksenov