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Here and all budget

Yesterday deputies of the Omsk City Council in a definitive variant have accepted city budget for 2003. The most part of incomes of municipality - 62 % - will be directed on payment of the salary of workers of the budgetary organisations. As the main ideologist of the budget the director of department of the finance and economy goradministratsii Sergey Tolkachev admitted: the Investment component which is called as the development budget, we unfortunately, could not generate . Work on the basic financial document of a city has not taken away from deputies of the Omsk City Council (GS) a lot of time. After a nine-monthly break in work members of parliament have accepted on December, 27th the document in the first reading, and on January, 17th this year the budget has been accepted in a definitive variant. For 20 days of work on it deputies have suggested to introduce in the bill of an order of 40 amendments.
However, according to the chairman of a constant financially - Alexander Mjasnikova`s economic commission GS, they did not carry basic character. As a result the budget have accepted practically in the same variant which has been presented by developers from department of the finance and economy of administration of Omsk.
the profitable part of the Omsk budget current year makes 3,5 mlrd rbl. the Basic volume of receipts it is expected from taxation - 2,8 mlrd rbl. (81 % from total amount of incomes). Bjudzhetoobrazujushchimi steels the tax to incomes of physical persons - 1,5 mlrd rbl.; taxes to property - 495 million rbl.; the ground tax - 223 million rbl. From nenalogovyh an appreciable place in the budget make incomes of the property which is in the state or municipal property - 482 million rbl.
the Account part of the budget on 45 million rbl. less profitable. The formed proficiency will be directed on repayment of the municipal debt which total amount makes 2,4 mlrd rbl. The basic sections of an account part are: formation - 1,2 mlrd rbl.; public health services and physical training - 1. 1 mlrd rbl.; housing - municipal services - 470 million rbl.; the government - 234 million rbl.
the Most part of expenses on these and other sections of the budget is necessary on payment of a salary of workers of the budgetary organisations. In total on these purposes it will be directed 2 mlrd rbl. (62 % of all expenses of municipal treasury). 20 More % will leave on housing and communal services financing, here practically and all budget - the director of department of the finance and economy Sergey Tolkachev has told.
for budget acceptance ten of 16 deputies who are present at a boardroom have voted. Against document acceptance members of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation voted, but their opinion any more is not in GS solving. now we can look fairly in the face to voters. Since January Omsk will be already financed not by the one twelfth part of the last year`s budget and as it is necessary - chairman GS Alexander Tsimbalist has declared upon termination of an emergency meeting.
Sergey Rudnev