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To the Omsk enterprises have opened the North Korean market

Yesterday in Committee of foreign economic relations of the Omsk region negotiations of Omsk businessmen and delegation of the government of the Korean National Democratic Republic (Democratic People`s Republic of Korea) which is in Omsk since January, 16th have come to the end. North Koreans were interested by Omsk tractors, planes, cigarettes and furs of a mink is grey - blue colouring. The delegation of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea which was headed by the deputy minister of agriculture of republic Hong Meng Ryol, has arrived to Omsk from Moscow on January, 16th. As the second secretary of trading department of embassy of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation has informed Zin Chel Ho, it has arrived under the personal order of companion Kim Jong II on purpose to get in Omsk tractors. Let out FGUP Omsktransmash propashnoj the tractor 3 - 62 has interested the North Korean leader in the summer of 2001 when during railway tour across Russia it has stopped in Omsk. The car pre-production model has been shipped in Kim Jong II`s train and taken away to Korea for tests in work on rice fields.
mister Ryol has expressed readiness in the near future to buy in Omsk 100 tractors and has declared that after entering of little changes into a design 3 - 62 party can reach 1 thousand cars. As he said, the Korean party is ready to discuss any repayment terms of the order, including an advance payment.
from hi-tech production of the Omsk enterprises representatives of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have become interested in planes An - 3 which are let out by space association Flight . However speech about their deliveries does not go to Korea yet as the question demands the additional coordination with our experts - has declared Zin Chel Ho. The secretary of embassy has shown interest in acquisition for the country of production of tobacco factory Omsk . As he said, there is a real prospect of creation with this factory of joint venture (joint venture). According to the director of tobacco factory Jacob Oberderfera, the joint venture should be based in Omsk, and production to be realised both in Russia, and in Korea.
in zverosovhoze River North Koreans intend to get 5 - 7 thousand skins of a mink. The order small ( River grows up to 35 thousand norok in a year - ), but genuine interest of journalists has caused the desire of Koreans to buy a skin is exclusively grey - blue colour. Delegates from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have left sense of this requirement without an explanation.
the chairman of committee of foreign economic relations Victor Bazhenov has noticed that till now goods turnover of region with the North Korea was one of the most insignificant on volume (in money terms it made nearby $1 in a year. Total amount of external goods turnover of area nearby $1 in a year - ), but the good basis of its expansion, " is now put; favourable to both parties . According to mister Bazhenov, Omsk businessmen are ready to consider offers on deliveries from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea a citrus, rice, sugar and tobacco.
Sergey Rudnev