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Omskshina grows through processing

Since February, 1st of this year of Open Society Omskshina passes on protsessingovuju the work scheme. Yesterday on it for the first time has officially informed a press - company service. Under the new industrial scheme delivery of raw materials and sale of finished goods the enterprise will carry out Open Society AK Sibur . According to a source in Open Society management Omskshina after transition to processing the enterprise will make more production, but to pay less taxes in local budgets. Open Society Omskshina - the manufacturer shinnoj production of different function in structure it is industrial - technological complex AK SIBUR . The Authorized capital stock - 505362 rbl. the Basic shareholder - AK SIBUR (19,2 %). The general release of tyres in 2002 - 5124 thousand piece (in 2001 - 4454 thousand piece, in 2000 - 3327 thousand piece) . The plan of release of tyres in 2002 is executed on 113 %. Net profit for 2001 - 238,154 million rbl.

Yesterday a press - Open Society service Omskshina has extended the information that since February, 1st, 2003 of Open Society Omskshina passes on protsessingovuju the work scheme. As the chief has told a press - Open Society services Omskshina Sergey Gajduchenko, will carry out all volume of deliveries of raw materials and finished goods realisation the basic shareholder of the enterprise - Open Society AK Sibur . Business - the plan of the enterprise for 2003 providing transition to processing, has been confirmed in Moscow on Open Society AK board of directors Sibur on December, 20th, 2002. According to plan volume let out by Open Society Omskshina production in 2003 will make 5, 359 million autotyres that on 4,6 % is more than volume of 2002 (5, 124 million autotyres). According to Sergey Gajduchenko, the basic accents in business - the plan are made on realisation of investment projects for the sum more than 300 million rbl. These means is planned to direct for development of own power generating capacities and acquisition of modern software products. Still during the current year re-structuring of social sphere of the enterprise is planned. Details of forthcoming re-structuring Omskshiny mister Gajduchenko did not name, but has made a reservation that it will not affect social security of workers in any way.
in 2003 Omskshina plans to add in budgets of all levels of 300 million rbl. As he said, on January, 21st in Omsk the meeting of managers of Open Society AK " has taken place; Sibur and administrations of Omsk, devoted to Open Society transition Omskshina on protsessingovuju the work scheme. The municipality was represented by mayor Evgenie Belov and its first deputies - Alexander Sterljagov and Sergey Nos, from Open Society AK Sibur There was a first vice-president Michael Genkin, the vice-president of the company Alexander Kalugin and the general director of Open Society Omskshina Vadim Lurija. Mister Gajduchenko has declared that meeting details are not disclosed yet: I Can tell that from a dead point business has moved, and the meeting was productive, in a city understand that Omskshina - the second tax bearer in Omsk . We will remind that on November, 21st last year the president of Open Society AK Sibur Dmitry Mazepin and the governor of the Omsk region Leonid Polezhaev could not find the general point of view on Open Society future Omskshina . Then the general director of Open Society Omskshina Vadim Lurija on a meeting has not got and waited the conversation terminations in a reception of the Omsk governor.
while managers of Open Society Omskshina and officials of administration of Omsk abstain from official comments of results of a meeting. As has informed On the condition of anonymity a source in Open Society management Omskshina after introduction of processing level of tax deductions of Open Society Omskshina in local budgets the minimum on 30 - 50 million rbl. This problem will decrease and was discussed at a meeting of city officials with managers of Open Society AK Sibur .
the Assistant to the general director of Open Society AK Omskenergo Alexander Trippel (in the recent past - the general director of Open Society Omskshina - ) considers that processing cannot be entered on Open Society Omskshina within the next months, it is difficult enough mechanism which uneasy to enter. That party which initiates transition to processing, that party that realises it, does not represent that such petrochemistry in shinnom business. There there are more than questions, than answers. While there is only a slogan, and there is a desire . According to Alexander Trippelja, he doubts a reality of terms and in necessity of introduction of processing. to enter on Open Society Omskshina processing promised at first since December, first, then since January, first, now - since February, first. I simply know that this mechanism can be realised, but it demands a lot of time. Probably, processing will bring manufacture growth. At me in this respect a separate opinion, subjective - the former director " has explained; Omskshiny .
Pavel Aksenov