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The mayoralty will climb in a debt hole

Yesterday on a press - conferences officials of the mayoralty and deputies of the City Council recognised that in January - February, 2003 for payment of the salary to state employees of the mayoralty of Omsk once again it is necessary to take credits in commercial banks. Officials have promised to pay the salary to state employees without delays that is almost impracticable in the beginning of year in insignificant tax revenues - cash ruptures. Small proficiency of city budget in 45 million rbl., according to officials, will go on service of obligations on a debt of Omsk to bank ING Bank Prague for purchase of buses Karosa . Yesterday in Omsk city council has passed a press - the conference devoted to acceptance of the budget of Omsk for 2003 and plans of officials on execution of the main financial document of a city. As the chairman of a constant financially - the economic commission of the City Council Alexander Mjasnikov admitted, the budget of Omsk for 2003 has turned out Not the development budget, and the salary budget . According to mister Mjasnikova, city expenses have grown on 475 million rbl. in comparison with last year, but taking into account inflation it does not play a considerable role . Doubtless plus of the present budget, according to Alexander Mjasnikova, that in the document articles on payment of a salary to state employees are completely protected. Now money for the salary are put in the budget, and it pleases me .
Svetlana Tsuskman has more frostily expressed acceptance of the budget the deputy director of department of the finance and economy of Omsk. As she said, the salary will be paid to Omsk state employees in time under condition of that the enterprises will work stably and to pay taxes . We will remind that the mayor of Omsk Evgenie Belov repeatedly declared that if the budget of Omsk for 2003 will be accepted, delays on salary payments to Omsk state employees will not be. Svetlana Tsuskman did not begin to contradict the statement of a mayor, but has made a reservation that in connection with insignificant tax revenues in January - February of administration it is necessary to take credits in commercial banks . According to madam Tsuskman, at municipality under the law there is no possibility to let out the bond of a loan or other securities. The only thing, on what it is necessary to count, - execution of a profitable part of the budget. Effective enough tool - attraction of credits .
Madam Tsuskman has refused to name banks and the sums of loans, however has underlined that at a choice of bank officials are guided by economic advantage of the offer. Alexander Mjasnikov has thus noticed that under the Budgetary code of the Russian Federation the total sum of loans should not exceed 1/ 10 from an account part of the city budget - 343 million rbl. will not save situation with a lack of means and proficiency of the budget. As has told to the correspondent Svetlana Tsuskman, proficiency of the budget of Omsk will go to 45 million on service of a debt of Omsk before the Czech bank ING Bank Prague for purchase of party of buses Karosa .
As the chairman of regional branch of party " considers; the Apple Yury Fedotov (in the recent past - the assistant to the mayor of Omsk, the director of department of economic policy - ), that the city administration takes credits in commercial banks, there is nothing extraordinary, it is normal practice of attraction of extra means during cash ruptures . According to Yury Fedorova, at work of municipality with commercial banks control of this work is important from the City Council and Audit Chamber.
Pavel Aksenov