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Power named each other brothers

Yesterday on a press - conferences managers of Open Society the Omsk Regional Power Company have declared the possible resolution of conflict between Open Society AK Omskenergo and the municipal power companies. The meeting of the mayor of Omsk Evgenie Belova and general director AK is planned for January, 24th Omskenergo Alexander Antropenko. If they will not manage to agree, how to divide payments of the population and legal bodies for the electric power, the parties intend to defend the interests in court. Yesterday at Open Society office the Omsk Regional Power Company (OREK) has passed a press - the conference devoted to the conflict between AK Omskenergo and OREK. We will remind that the companies cannot divide payments of the population, the enterprises and the organisations of Omsk for electric power transportation.
the action beginning was late for five minutes. Here also happens unforeseen - in a hall for sessions OREK there were representatives of other conflicting party - the assistant to general director AK Omskenergo Vladimir Strizhenko and the chief of department on public relations of the company Ivan Kuharenko.
For organizers a press - conferences occurrence of managers AK Omsk - energo it has appeared a bolt from the blue. General director OREK Evgenie Reddih has allowed Vladimir Strizhenko and Ivan Kuharenko to take a place in a hall on condition that our competitors will act in a role of spectators . Vladimir Strizhenko has hastened to make a reservation: On a press - conference we have got casually. Passed by, have decided to come on a visit .
to Designate a problem essence Evgenie Reddih has tried. As he said, hostages in the conflict between AK Omskenergo and private soldiers omichi have appeared the municipal power companies. AK Omskenergo From the beginning of January tries to change the scheme of realisation of the electric power. While mister Reddih told about conflict stories, Vladimir Strizhenko considered a press - release OREK and a pocket calendar with company symbolics. Having considered, has in a low voice rebuked that knowingly OREK have formed, time such nice calendar has turned out . Evgenie Reddih of it has not heard, and journalists have estimated a joke and have even more cheered up.
to sound point of view OREK on the conflict the director of Open Society " has continued; the Omsk Power marketing Company (OmESKO) Alexander Mjasnikov. According to mister Mjasnikova, since January, 2003 AK Omskenergo tries to terminate triple contracts on power supply, prisoners between AK Omskenergo MUPEP Omskelektro and subscribers (under these contracts payments of the population and legal bodies share between AK Omskenergo (82 %) and MUPEP Omskelektro (18 %) - ). As Alexander Mjasnikov, a piquancy of a situation that these contracts are lasting has told. That is, while there is no arrangement of the parties on their cancellation, they operate till December, 31st, 2003.
mister Mjasnikov has informed that any of the parties cannot terminate the contract unilaterally earlier than a month before term of its termination. It is possible only under condition of essential non-observance of treaty provisions with what it is impossible to reproach us . Then Alexander Mjasnikov has remembered that itself worked in AK Omskenergo named representatives of the company colleagues, and AK Omskenergo - to ours we frighten the brother who wants to supervise all financial streams also has reminded of debt AK Omskenergo before MUP Teplokommunenergo in 75 million rbl.
Alexander Mjasnikov has offered alternative - the conclusion of two bilateral contracts: between AK Omskenergo and the subscriber - on purchase of energy and between MUPEP Omskelektro and the subscriber - on energy transportation. As mister Mjasnikov has informed, possibilities of the resolution of conflict between the companies will be discussed by the mayor of Omsk Evgenie Belov and general director AK Omskenergo Alexander Antropenko. The meeting of the city head and the main thing region power is planned for January, 24th, 2003. According to director OmEsKo, AK Omskenergo and the municipal power companies should agree, that not to arrange power corps de ballet for the population . As Alexander Mjasnikov has declared: Under each my word I have a documentary acknowledgement. Our party will use all available possibilities for protection of the position .
Thus in the near future municipal power intend to enter the Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market market. According to Evgenie Reddiha, Open Society OREK Intend to buy energy on Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market for realisation in the Omsk region. the company exit on Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market becomes possible, when rules will change, - there will be a demonopolization of the power market. Those rules that operate today, exclude a competition to the Russian Open Society UES of Russia . As soon as the situation will change, we leave on Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market - mister Reddih has declared.
After a press - conferences representatives Omskenergo at once have started to distribute comments to journalists. As the assistant to general director AK " has informed; Omskenergo Vladimir Strizhenko, Alexander Mjasnikov my old friend and, basically, it much has told correctly. The conflict between the companies has happened from - that commercial losses Omskelektro are unfairly high and lay down on Omskenergo . Under bilateral contracts between AK Omskenergo And subscribers average payment from one subscriber has made in 2002 100 watt/ hours per month. In rural areas - 122 kw/ ch in a month. Under triple contracts with Omskelektro - 66 kw/ ch in a month. why for commercial losses Omskelektro should pay Omskenergo ? (in a year they make from 100 to 130 million rbl. - ) Mister Strizhenko has noticed that AK Omskenergo will not recede from the intention to reduce commercial losses on networks. at our colleagues very good business - they sell that do not make. A question on change of work with Omskelektro it should be considered at higher level. If the conciliatory proposal is not accepted, we will defend interests of the company in court - Vladimir Strizhenko has declared. By its estimation, the conflict between AK Omskenergo and Open Society OREK Is a struggle for the power market. we pupils of one power school. It is not necessary to invent a bicycle, and so it is clear - more money the one who is more close to the consumer will collect, is closer to the electrosocket - mister Strizhenko considers.
According to Vladimir Strizhenko, in 2003 AK Omskenergo has concluded 50 contracts between the company and subscribers, having terminated triple contracts. The prospect of that OREK leaves on Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market, is real, but, according to mister Strizhenko, in it there is no danger for AK Omskenergo : All of them equally should involve our high-voltage networks, and it is necessary to pay for it .
Representatives of the power companies say that hope for the resolution of conflict after Evgenie Belova and Alexander Antropenko`s meeting.
will watch succession of events.
Pavel Aksenov