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The chairman of the City Council admitted centrism

Yesterday Alexander Tsimbalist has given the first a press - conference as the new chairman of the council. It has been devoted forthcoming acceptance of the budget of Omsk. Mister Tsimbalist has found it difficult to name the basic financial document of a city the development budget, as its profitable part approximately twice less than a settlement minimum, and the most part of the raised money will go for the salary to state employees . A press - conference passed in a boardroom of Omsk city council (GS). New chairman GS (deputies have selected it on December, 27th, 2002 - ) has presented to local journalists of the assistants - deputies - communists of Kutorgina and Ivanov, and chairmen of the constant commissions confirmed some days ago.
According to the chairman of the City Council, Nikolay Kostjakov has headed commission GS concerning local government, legality and the law and order, Vasily Mamontov - the commission on social problems and public health services, Alexander Mjasnikov - financially - the budgetary commission.
Besides, in GS two more commissions - concerning formation, a science, culture and sports, and also concerning housing and communal services, transport and building are generated. Their chairmen - deputies Igor Zuga and Andrey Strelets - could not take part in a press - conferences in connection with industrial necessity .
answering questions of journalists, Alexander Tsimbalist has declared that does not see anything sensational that promotion of its nominee on a post of the chairman was unanimously supported by members of communistic opposition in GS.
the Leader of fraction Nikolay Kutorgin has explained a choice which was made by deputies - communists, usual pragmatichnostju: From all real applicants for a post of the chairman only Tsimbalist without special conditions has agreed that all deputies, wishing to work on a constant basis, have on such form of deputy work a just cause .

Since December, 27th, 2002 in Omsk the City Council on a constant professional basis nine deputies work. Except for Alexander Tsimbalista, all of them or are included into fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, or of Communist Party were supported at the promotion in deputies of city council. A base salary of the deputy of city council - 8 thousand roubles.

Participants a press - conferences have stated the opinions at the project of the budget of Omsk. According to the chairman financially - Alexander Mjasnikova`s budgetary commission, at the document is not present either especially strong, nor weak sections, but there is a main protected article - the salary of state employees . On it 62 % of all incomes of a city, and on this reason Alexander Tsimbalist " will leave; Would not began to name the future budget the development budget . We can say as much as long that it is not enough money, but it is more than them from it does not become. We will recognise that we have, and the budget should be accepted - he has declared.
in summary a press - conferences the new chairman of city council has shared the sights at a policy and economy with journalists. He has told it that prior to the beginning of political career, working in the industry (g - n Tsimbalist supervised over the baking enterprise the Gourmand which in 1998 has gone bankrupt - ), many efforts have put for protection of interests of a domestic commodity producer from come then to the power of semiliterate reformers - economists .
the new chairman of the City Council has explained The political orientation so: I would carry myself to centrists, and now I consist in party an United Russia . As to economy here mister Tsimbalist has declared that is solidary with opinion of the former first secretary Omsk obkoma Sergey Manjakina`s CPSU which expressed that the Omsk region always was unattractive region. However, in a new post Alexander Tsimbalista will have a possibility to rectify such situation.
Sergey Rudnev