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To Chineses have changed YUKOS oil

Yesterday YUKOS has shipped the first party of oil belonging to the company LUKOIL, for the Chinese company China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). The YUKOS has suspended deliveries of the oil of this company on October, 1st and within two months carried out only the contract with the second counterpart in the Peoples Republic of China - company Sinopec.
      In the end of September the YUKOS declared the termination since October, 1st of deliveries of oil of Chinese company CNPC. Therefore CNPC can receive less till the end of this year 1 million from 3,8 million tons of the Russian oil. Deliveries of raw materials of other Chinese company - Sinopec, the YUKOS has continued, because, by words a top - managers of the company, unlike CNPC she has agreed to incur payment for a month forward services of the Russian Railway and customs payments. Besides structures of YUKOS with oil for Sinopec go through frontier transition in Naushkah (Buryatiya) and further - transit through Mongolia, this way is more favourable in comparison with a route before other frontier transition in Zabajkalske (Chita region). According to the vice-president of Joint-Stock Company YUKOS - RM on transport and Alexander Sapronova`s logistics, the distance from Angarsk where the bulk-oil terminal of YUKOS is located, to Naushek makes 700 km at/ d the tariff for oil transportation hardly more than $30 for ton while through Zabajkalsk the tariff makes about $60 at distance from Angarsk of 1500 km. Yesterday in Angarsk branch YUKOS - RM have confirmed that deliveries of oil Sinopec will be carried out according to the plan both in November, and in December (monthly on 280 thousand t - ) .
      As a result the government of the Russian Federation had to search for the new supplier not to break Russian - the Chinese agreements on oil deliveries to the Chinese state companies. In the end of October the president of Open Society the Russian railways (Russian Railway) Gennady Fadeev has declared mass-media that LUKOIL is ready to deliver the oil to China. In the end of last week the vice-president of LUKOIL Leonid Fedun has confirmed that the company till the end of November will send to Chinese CNPC 70 thousand t to oil, and in December - 100 thousand more t. has found out that past Monday the first structure with LUKOIL oil has left from station Zuj (in vicinities of Angarsk) where there is a bulk terminal Transneft . The first party has made about 3,4 thousand t. Yesterday the YUKOS has carried out for the first time 9 thousand shipment t LUKOIL oil on the terminal of the Angarsk petrochemical company. All structures with oil for Chinese CNPC will go to Zabajkalska.
      The source in Irkutsk representation of YUKOS has informed that the company receives for use of the capacities commission, but the concrete sums did not name. He has specified that the bulk-oil terminal of YUKOS on promploshchadke ANHK works more effectively, than the terminal Transneft besides at different stations of the Irkutsk region stand idle about thousand tanks of YUKOS . As he said, in present conditions it is favourable to YUKOS to transport LUKOIL oil.
      despite occurrence on east direction of LUKOIL, in the Peoples Republic of China it is impossible to name a problem of deliveries of oil solved. After all till the end of the year it is necessary to put CNPC about 1 million t to oil, and the relief of YUKOS will close only the fifth part of this volume.
      but here to the aid of the government can come Transneft with which the YUKOS since October pays off for services by own oil in 400 thousand volume t monthly. Transneft it is ready to ship these volumes to China, but cannot find a carrier yet. Obviously to execute intergovernmental agreements, the government of the Russian Federation should lower railroad rates for oil deliveries in east direction - at the present prices to carry raw materials through Zabajkalsk it is unprofitable.

      Sergey BERG