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After stagnation in the City Council acceleration

deputies of the Omsk City Council has begun Yesterday have accepted in the second reading the budget of Omsk. Tomorrow they should accept it in the third, definitive, reading. Deputies with the experience doubt expediency of such accelerated rates of work on the main financial document of a city. As has declared to the correspondent deputy Nikolay Kutorgin, at such superwork quality - always a question disputable . vitse - mayor Alexander Sterljagov sees a problem in other: incomes of the city budget this year will be twice below a necessary settlement minimum. The budget of Omsk for 2003 will be profitsitnym. Its profitable part makes 3,5 mlrd roubles, account - on 45 million roubles it is less. It is supposed to direct proficiency on repayment of a municipal debt (the debt total sum makes 2,4 mlrd roubles - ). Having accepted on December, 27th last year the basic financial document in the first reading, deputies of the City Council (GS) thereby have agreed with its key parametres. However yesterday, by budget consideration in the second reading, it was found out that have agreed not all. The deputy - communist Leonid Mihajlenko has suggested colleagues to return to a mode of the first reading of the document. In its opinion, developers of the document from department of the finance and economy goradministratsii have unreasonably underestimated prospective incomes of municipal treasury. According to the deputy, incomes of Omsk in 2002 in comparison with 2001 have increased on 600 million roubles, and in comparison with last year`s indicators in 2003 their growth is put all on 180 million roubles. To understand with the figures sounded by Leonid Mihajlenko, deputies did not become. Chairman of the council Alexander Tsimbalist has declared that under session regulations oral amendments of deputies are not discussed. As a result Leonid Mihajlenko`s offer has not been put on voting.
Written amendments to the second reading of the budget it has been taken out 13, it is accepted 6. As has explained to the correspondent the chairman of a constant financially - economic commission GS Alexander Mjasnikov, editorial and technical editings to the text of the budgetary bill are accepted basically. As he said, submitting to the commission the amendments to the budget (them was nearby 40), deputies or brake work on the budget, suggesting to return to a mode of its first reading, or run forward, suggesting to throw means since one line of the document on another that is a prerogative already the third reading. does not suffice still deputies of experience of the legislative work, after all nine months council actually stayed idle - Alexander Mjasnikov has told. Nevertheless, he does not consider it as the weighty reason for a tightening of budgetary process. It seems that with this opinion the most part of the deputy case agrees also. For budget acceptance in the second reading 11 deputies, against - 6 have voted.
Against budget acceptance in the second reading members of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation voted. The leader of fraction Nikolay Kutorgin has explained the position so: In the document tariffs illegally raised by the mayoralty for journey in public transport, using lifts, baths are put, increase of tariffs for housing and communal services is supposed. I do not want to redden before voters for such budget . The deputy does not see the haste reasons in work on the basic financial document of a city. As he said, in work GS of last convocation the budget was accepted both in April, and in May, thus anything terrible did not occur .
In the Omsk mayoralty a situation see differently. There consider that the budget needs to be accepted as soon as possible as otherwise in the first months 2003 the city will be financed by the one twelfth part of the last year`s budget, and it is less, than it is supposed the budget - 2003. However, in goradministratsii also recognise also document lacks. By words vitse - mayor Alexander Sterljagova, he will allow to finance a city only on half from requirements as by calculations it is necessary for Omsk a minimum 7 mlrd roubles .
Having finished with the second reading of the budget, deputies GS have incurred the raised obligations, having left on preparation of the document for the third reading only one day. Emergency meeting GS is appointed to tomorrow, and, considering a yesterday`s deal of the voices submitted for the budgetary bill, it, most likely, will be accepted in definitive, the third, reading.
Sergey Rudnev