Rus News Journal

Priamurtsy have occupied defence

Yesterday in Blagoveshchensk has passed picket in protection of territorial integrity of Russia. About fifty holding a meeting have gathered at main thing residence fedinspektora across Amur region with requirements not to admit transfer of Japan of Kuriles and returning of Russia of islands Tarabarova and Big Ussuriisk under Khabarovsk. As organizers of meeting the Amur regional branch of party " has acted; For Russia sacred and regional branch of public organisation Russia orthodox . They were adjoined by representatives of the party of pensioners, the Cossacks and britogolovye.
Moscow has renounced us, - the chairman of branch " has informed in the performance; Russia orthodox Victor Dudin. - she aspires to Europe, in the NATO, but it will be the Moscow princedom, instead of uniform and indivisible power .
the Chairman of the Amur branch of party For Russia sacred Evgenie Smirnov has paid attention gathered that the federal authority has ignored similar requirements of tens thousand sahalintsev. the Power is silent about it, - mister Smirnov has angrily declared. - Since Putin became in the head of the state, it says lies to us . After these words organizers have offered going to unite for creation a political home guard .
On meeting there were many agents of national security in the form and the civilian, their attention has been directed on representatives of young generation whom was hardly probable no more, than aged people. without us here in general would turn sour was, - the young man with a household videocamera has through clenched teeth thrown aside britogolovyj. - not it is necessary to create a political home guard, and military .
the Leader of local branch Russian national unity Michael Archakov also has informed that RNE against transfer of islands and if the order defends Russian earth children are ready to go to Sakhalin .
Participants of meeting have accepted the reference to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in which, in particular, it is told: nobody granted to elective politicians of the right to give on the party destinies of our earth, it not their personal ancestral lands .
PAVEL KOSHELENKO, Blagoveshchensk