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Barack Obama suggests to strike across Pakistan

the Candidate for US presidents Barack Obama on Wednesday named priorities of foreign policy of the USA in case of the victory on elections. Speech of one of the most probable democratic applicants for a post of the president has caused loud scandal: Barack Obama has accused Pakistan of insufficient fight against terrorism and has informed on readiness to carry out in this country the power action.
the statement of the senator - the democrat from Illinois and one of real candidates on an armchair of US president Barack Obama has sounded in the International centre Vudro Vilsona in Washington. In the 35 - minute speech concerning foreign policy mister Obama has entered a fierce debate both with the present president - republican George Bush, and with the basic competitor in struggle for a democratic nomination on elections - 2008 Hillari Clinton. Results of global fight against terrorism under the direction of George Bush Barack Obama considers unfavourable. It is false interprets our mission - mister Obama has declared George Bush. In its opinion, zatsiklennost the White house on Iraq has made life of Americans of less safe, than before acts of terrorism on September, 11th. Speaking about Iraq, mister Obama has not missed a case to needle Hillari Clinton, having reminded that it has supported in due time in the congress operation in this country. According to Barack Obama, Hillari Clinton represents a cream puff - chejnistku in the facilitated variant.

however, the most scandalous part of performance of Barack Obama concerned Pakistan, after acts of terrorism on September, 11th Washington proclaimed by the key Asian partner in struggle against the international terrorism. Mister Obama has accused the president of Pakistan Perveza Musharrafa of insufficient struggle with located on territory of its country in frontier areas with Afghanistan insurgents Al - Kaidy Also has threatened that if such situation will remain, in case of its election as the US president, in - the first, will curtail the mullions-strong financial help to Islamabad, in - the second, will reserve the right to itself to strike blow to the Pakistan territory without the coordination with Islamabad. I want to tell about it directly. Terrorists who have killed 3000 Americans have sat down at mountains of this country. They prepare new attacks. If we have an investigation trustworthy information about the terrorist purposes and president Musharraf will not operate, then we will operate - Barack Obama has informed. Thus, in a question on preventive attacks mister Obama has outdone president Bush actively criticised by it. As to the further financing of Islamabad its conditions Barack Obama named closing of camps on preparation of terrorists, exile of foreign insurgents and a non-admission of use of the Pakistan territory movement the Taliban for operations in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile the statement Barack Obama has put a telling blow on positions of board of president Musharrafa worrying the most difficult period. Reaction of Islamabad has followed immediately. In the statement extended yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan is told about inadmissibility of similar statements of candidates in US presidents for an earning of political points. Barack Obama`s statement testifies that he does not own dynamics of a situation in Pakistan and adheres to the extremely simplified approach - the ambassador of Pakistan in Moscow Mustafa Kamal Kazi has declared. According to mister Kazi if Barack Obama`s scenario is realised, it not only will seriously undermine the international efforts on fight against terrorism, but also will cause new splash in an Antiamericanism. Pakistan - the sovereign state which will not suffer intervention in the affairs. In case of the military operations undertaken against it the people of Pakistan will rise on protection of the country - Mustafa Kamal Kazi has declared.

trying to hush up scandal, a press - the secretary of the White house Tony Snow has made yesterday the reconciliatory statement to Islamabad, having repeated that Pakistan remains the key ally of the USA in fight against terrorism.

meanwhile the unsuccessful mention of Pakistan became not Barack Obama`s unique discomfiture in a statement to them of the foreign policy priorities. Shortly before performance in Center Vudro Vilsona mister Obama has informed that in case of election as the president is ready to enter without any preliminary conditions direct dialogue with leaders of the states brought in the American black list of the states - derelicts, - Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and the North Korea. Thereby it has easily crossed out operating time of the American diplomacy for last one and a half decades reached both at republican George Bush, and at democrat Bill Clinton. Having been glad to such puncture of the opponent, the madam Clinton named its estimations naive .