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Ist the Bridge bank dosudilsja to tax claims

To numerous judicial lawsuits of Ist the Bridge of bank with Bank of Russia will soon be added trial with Federal tax service (FNS). The bank challenges tax claims for 30 million rbl. that exceeds its net profit. Participants of the market predict a fatal outcome. Loss to tax specialists and surcharge of taxes, according to experts, will automatically entail infringement of obligatory specifications of the Central Bank that is the basis for licence withdrawal.
on July, 31st the arbitration court of Moscow has registered the statement of Ist a bank Bridge about a recognition void decisions of management of Federal tax service across Moscow. This decision accepted in May by results of repeated exit check UFNS, to bank donachislen the profit tax also inflicts corresponding penal sanctions. According to a source in FNS, the volume of claims makes about 30 million rbl. eks - preboards Ist the Bridge of bank Valery Kalachev, nowadays holding a similar post in bank Pushkino recognised that to bank are shown large tax claims but the sum has refused to name. the bank intends to challenge decision UFNS both in material, and in a remedial part - mister Kalachev has informed.

According to the Valery Kalacheva, any schemes of Ist the bank did not use the Bridge. the bank simply made operations on purchase and sale of bills of the third parties and charged the profit tax from a difference between the price of sale and by purchase, - Valery Kalachev has explained. - In UFNS have counted wrongful reduction of tax base by expenses on operations with securities . On information, now branches Ist a bank Bridge will be re-registered on bank Pushkino .

In 2005 Ist the Bridge the bank has not got to system of insurance of contributions and began to challenge refusal in arbitration court. For today it is the unique bank which has not left attempts to get to system of insurance of contributions (SSV) through court. First he has managed to carry case in the first instance, but then has lost in the appeal, and in April of this year the court of review has directed business on new consideration. On June, 27th the arbitration court of Moscow has refused to recognise otkaznoe the Central Bank decision void.

by the way, the Bridge the bank has involved attention of tax department Ist several years ago. In August, 2003 the so-called black list - " has been published; the Approximate list of banks which were used at attempts of wrongful compensation of the VAT . The Bridge the bank appeared In this list including 41 bank, Ist along with the known banks which subsequently have lost licences, - Legprombankom, Sojuzobshchemashbankom, Kredittrastom bank Paveletsky . However, in the same list there were also such large players, as Alpha bank, the Absolute - bank, European trastovyj bank.

participants of the market do not co-ordinate the claim of tax specialists to hyperactivity of Ist a bank Bridge in judicial lawsuits with the Central Bank. However experts consider that in case of loss tax specialists with payment of the added means to bank very much needed the kind relation of a regulator. As the volume of claims exceeds the net profit of the credit organisation shown in the Russian reporting following the results of 2005 when the bank had still the right to work with contributions of physical persons. As the representative of the large auditor company as the volume of tax claims actually brings to nothing bank profit, as a result " has explained; any requirement of the Central Bank about dosozdanii reserves does a net wealth of less authorised capital stock that is one of the bases for licence withdrawal . As the profit participates in calculation of the capital of bank, as a result of performance of the decision of tax specialists the capital first of all will give, - Financial examination ` Natalia Borzov agrees zamgendirektora AKG `. - capital decrease threatens performance of the basic economic specifications that, in turn, is an occasion to bank sanitation .

However, in immediate prospects infringement of specifications does not threaten bank. According to the chief accountant of bank Avant-guard Vladimir Andreeva, tax claims before their execution in balance of bank on RSBU are not reflected. usually while there is a judicial proceedings, the arbitration gives a guarantee nespisanija means under challenged claims, - it has explained. - and proceeding can long last. Besides not the fact that court will support tax specialists .

In the bank chances of a victory, obviously, do not regard as high. According to experts, transition of mister Kalacheva to a new place of work testifies that the bank does not hope for the best outcome and turns off activity. the presentation of tax claims is negatively reflected in reputation - Promsvjazbanka Julia Ujmanova explains actions of colleagues of the deputy chief of management of analytical support of the international activity. Of situation development observes the Central Bank. However, there while prefer not to speak about licence withdrawal. the bank now conducts active and bezrezultativnuju judicial polemic with the Central Bank, - has declared a source in a regulator. - usually in business circles it is perceived as a sign of an unsuccessful situation in bank .