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The area government has threatened on small builders

As it became known on August, 8th the ministry of the state property of the Nizhniy Novgorod region will spend the second auction in 2007 on sale of rent of the ground areas under housing building of the regional centre. Unlike last years when on the auctions large sites under complex building were exposed, in this auction will be played by the area less than hectare and rather inexpensive sites - from 18 and 38 million rbl. In the regional government assert that plans of complex building Bottom do not refuse, and small sites under separate houses are exposed on the auctions in interests of small and average builders. Participants of the market approve area plans, but with demands for auction do not hasten. At the regional ground auction second in this year the right of three-year rent of two ground areas under housing construction will be played. The first prize - a site the area of 0,3 hectares on street Rodionova at the starting price of 18 million the rbl., the second - a platform on street the Space area of 0,62 hectares (38 million rbl.) .
we Will notice that on the first Nizhniy Novgorod ground auctions sites under complex building of habitation by the area from 2,6 hectares and above were exposed and from 200 to 650 million rbl. These auctions were repeatedly postponed by initial cost from - for enough high prices for Nizhniy Novgorod strojbiznesa. Nevertheless as a result of a platform at the starting price have left to the large building companies ZHilstroj - NN and Nizhegorodkapstroj souchrediteljami which are SOU holding - 155 and the regional government.
as has informed yesterday a press - the secretary zamgubernatora on imushchestvenno - to ground relations Xenia Vaulina, formation of prizes from rather small and inexpensive sites will allow to participate in the auctions not only to the large companies, but first of all to average and small builders . In the regional ministry of building spending preauction preparation of platforms, have noticed that nobody refuses plans of complex building of Nizhni Novgorod, however it is necessary to give to investors and small platforms which will arrive on the market in process of their readiness.
participants of the market as a whole approve the regional government initiative, predicting that platforms under habitation the area in some thousand in sq. m. will be in demand at investors. it is necessary to sell not only the big sites, but also small. I on 100 % am assured that them will buy. If not from the first so from the second it is exact - the head of the company " speaks; ZHilstroj - NN Evgenie Berezin, hoping that such auctions will be much . The Vice-president Nizhegorodstroja Dmitry Baranov has informed that its company intends to be overcome for a prize 1 in the Nizhniy Novgorod area and now prepares a package of documents. a platform in 3 thousand Sq. m. for us it is small enough. More 2,5 thousand in sq. m. of habitation on this place not to squeeze out, but from sealing building all the same not to get to anywhere - mister Baranov has noted. By its estimation, 18 million rbl. for this prize - considerable enough price .
By data mingosimushchestva areas for yesterday, to organizers of the auctions has not arrived yet any demand. But in the ministry believe that in remained some days builders will be shaken . Nizhegorodstroj expects to submit documents till August, 6th (last day givings of demands). According to the vice-president Nizhegorodstroja in the ministry to it have informed and about others wishing to participate in auction, without naming names and quantity of applicants.
it is necessary to notice that the nearest auction though on it sites under dot building are presented, is considered in the market long-awaited. The matter is that in plans of the government of the Nizhniy Novgorod region for 2007 carrying out from nine to twelve auctions on the ground areas under complex housing building with a planned exit of apartments to 1 million in sq. m. However appears while from - for complexities with preparation of platforms (moving, a supply of communications, legal procedure of registration and registration of the earths) one of them has taken place only. Earlier the minister of building of area Valery Anglichaninov promised that the government will pursue the scheme on auctions for a year. Otherwise, under forecasts of participants of the market, in some years rates of input of habitation in Bottom will be broken: it is considered that the earth which are already available for builders, will suffice them for development the next four years.
Roman Krjazhev