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On the eve of opening of the personal exhibition in the Arena photographer SERGEY Borisov has told a reorganisation vintage to IRINA - KULIK as it became the portraitist of the Russian bohemia.
- in 1970 - 1980 - e you removed quite decent people - Durov, Andrey Voznesensky, Rozu Rymbaevu Lion. How it has turned out, what you began to remove artists - avant-gardists, underground rokerov and other nonconformists?

- I began that removed artists - the nonconformists exposed in a hall on Small Georgian - Nemuhina, Steinberg, Zvereva. My first exhibition has been devoted them and passed in the same place, on Small Georgian. Certainly, it was necessary to remove and absolutely other characters. Then at my colleagues the one who will make a plate or the poster for Pugachevoj was considered as the main photographer. And I was, of course, involved in this struggle, have made to it two plates in 70 - e, have cleaned competitors and have calmed down. But I was drawn always by nonconformism. And Small Georgian I have found, when it already started to rot...

in 1984 to me as - that the French journalist who for newspaper Le Monde wrote any material about Russian fate has come. He knew that I removed musicians, and have asked photos the Time machine . And I to it: What ` the Time machine `! You here that listen! also I put the Aquarium just appeared album Radio Africa . And we have agreed that I will remove the Aquarium . I was not familiar With Grebenshchikovym. But when I have arrived in Peter and have come to it, I have understood that the address precisely was not mistaken: the entrance has been from top to bottom used up graffiti of admirers. I enter into apartment and I see a three. Grebenshchikova I under descriptions have learnt, and here two others, any smurnjaka and one more, with a bang, - was not present. Smurnjak there was Sergey Kuryokhin, and a guy with a bang - Sergey Bugaevym - Africa. I on it have put at once an eye as on model. Grebenshchikova I then removed time and again - once me even have screwed together about cafe Saigon have demanded to light a film, but I, as usual, have palmed off on them another.

and the Leningrad underground showed to me Africa - has resulted in a disco at Palace of culture of a name of Lenin where played the most advanced groups, to Timur Novikovu. I have been very surprised and flattered, having seen at Timur in a workshop Edity Pyekha`s my poster.

- judging by an exhibition, you remove till now several constant characters with whom you have got acquainted still in 80 - e...

- Yes, it is Africa, Garik Assa Herman Vinogradov, Kostja of Astrologers, Vladislav Monro, Gustav Guryanov, Sergey Anufriev. All artists of that generation were remarkable models. All of them it is possible simply having closed to remove eyes. They were so are tempered by absence of the spectator that as if constantly would work on the chamber.

- Why you so often removed these heroes of alternative culture against Stalin architecture?

- Probably, for the sake of authenticity - it was necessary to show that it is Russia, Moscow, and to remove against the Kremlin and other banalities nevertheless it would not be desirable.

- you even have removed Oleg Gazmanov standing on a head between feet the Worker and the collective farmer ...

- I simply very much would like somebody to remove there. And it was difficult. That is it was possible to climb through there, but there was a risk to run into cops - and it has turned out, when I there removed Africa with Anufriev. And with Gazmanov I felt in safety. Besides he is a good acrobat. It seems, circus school finished.

- and luzhkovskaja the architecture when - nibud becomes the same effective scenery for pictures, how in 80 - e - Stalin?

- I do not think that I will live till this time. Yes I also do not see characters who would be interesting for removing today on this background.

- and how present nonconformists - all club youth, goty, any ekstremaly?

- People whom I removed in 80 - e, differed absolutely from everything, and these present children simply imitate the western contemporaries - just the same there is in England, States, Finland.

- and artists of following generation? After all you have made Vladimir Dubosarsky and Alexander Vinogradova`s portrait...

- Present artists try to be solid, and to me solid are not necessary.

- who, on - to yours, is today the present dandy, embodies a spirit of the age the same as in 80 - e it embodied rokery or avant-gardists?

- the Photographer who will answer it a question, becomes a star.

- you after all and the western celebrities removed... Even John Cage had time to photograph...

- I have met him in Zurich. I there had an exhibition. I removed many in Moscow - Jacque Derridu, Fellini, De Niro... But I do not go in cycles in these pictures. All these people and without me removed enough. Here unless it was really interesting to Andrew Logana was to remove. It - present alternativshchik. I do not like to remove those who and so it is shined by a stage, I prefer those who in a shade. To me at all so it is important, whom to photograph, - the main thing that pictures were good. I not the reporter.