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Russia and China are ready to accept Jugo - East Asia in SHOS

In Manila annual conference of heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the countries ASEAN to which diplomats from the USA, EU, China and Russia have been invited yesterday has opened. Having used US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice absence, making tour across the Near East, chapters of the Russian both Chinese Ministries of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Jan Tszechi have called the countries Jugo - East Asia (JUVA) for cooperation in the field of safety and have suggested ASEAN to develop contacts with SHOS. Thus, Moscow and Beijing try to make ASEAN the ally in struggle against expansion of Washington in particular, its plans on creation of area of system of the ABM in East Asia.
Opened yesterday in Manila 14 - j regional forum ASEAN is the largest in East Asia the international forum devoted to safety issues. Besides ten members ASEAN (Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanma, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines) by tradition are invited to it chapters the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 17 key partners ASEAN the main things from which are the USA, China, Pakistan, India, EU, Japan, Northern both southern Korea and Russia.

this time the USA have appeared the unique country which has been not presented at level of the minister: the state secretary Condoleeza Rice has preferred together with chief of the Pentagon Robert Gates to go in more important from the point of view of Washington region - to the Near East. Instead of it to Philippines there has arrived it zam John Negroponte. Yesterday head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore which after that a forum will replace Philippines on a post of chairman ASEAN, George Jao ascertained that its colleagues have been extremely disappointed by the decision of madam Rice. The matter is that many politicians Jugo - East Asia complain for a long time of an inattention of administration of George Bush to dynamically developing region. And the similar relation of Washington to JUVA extends and on economy sphere: for example, since 2000 goods turnover between the USA and the countries ASEAN practically has not increased.

to Use similar moods of owners of a forum Russia and China have hastened. Acting yesterday at forum opening, head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China Jan Tszechi has fallen with criticism on some countries which under the influence of representations of times of cold war create military blocks in Asian - Pacific region and aspire to catch the absolute military superiority . Though the Chinese minister did not name any concrete countries, its hint was quite clear. In March of this year of the USA, Japan and Australia declared creation of a military alliance. And soon representatives of Washington, Tokyo and Canberra have designated plans of creation of joint system of the ABM for Pacific ocean.

Certainly, similar plans extremely disturb Moscow and Beijing. After all objects of the ABM in East Asia will allow the USA to block nuclear forces of the Peoples Republic of China, and also the Russian base of strategic submarines on Kamchatka. Therefore recently the Chinese and Russian officials even more often speak about necessity to counteract these plans. For example, in June and July this question rose at ministerial conferences in Bishkek, engaged in preparation of summit SHOS which will pass in the Kirghiz capital in the middle of August. It is expected that struggle against the American ABM not only will be one of the main things that of the summit, but also will turn to a separate direction of work SHOS. For now Moscow and Beijing have suggested to participate in it and to member countries ASEAN.

Planting of certain type of the general values harms to the general safety. Alternative to it are the approaches developed within the limits of SHOS - has declared Jan Tszechi. The head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has developed thought of the Chinese colleague: We believe that it is necessary to adjust more vigorously practical interaction between regional forum ASEAN on safety and administrative structures SHOS . The invitation of representatives ASEAN to the Bishkek summit SHOS becomes the First step in this direction.

the Problem facing Beijing and Moscow, not seems impracticable. Recently investments from the Peoples Republic of China gradually force out the American capital from region, actively get into region and the Russian companies. On the party of a tandem and such powerful factor, as a strong lobby of the huge Chinese diasporas supervising a considerable part of business in the most developed countries JUVA and influencing their policy. And though the big game in JUVA will be conducted first of all by forces of the Chinese diplomacy and in interests of Beijing, Moscow sees in this situation the main task to defeat plans of Washington in the field of the ABM.