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Moscow has missed migrants

In Federal migratory service (FMS) are disturbed by plans of the government of Moscow three times, from 750 thousand to 250 thousand, to reduce quotas to labour migration in capital in 2008. In FMS believe that reduction of quotas will cause growth of indicators of illegal migration in Moscow, and predict that authorities of the capital should address next year in the government of Russia with requests for additional quotas.
the federal migratory service has commented yesterday on plans of the government of Moscow to reduce the size of the demand for a quota of labour migration in region in 2008 to 250 thousand persons. The deputy chief of management of external labour migration FMS of Russia Sergey Boldyrev has told yesterday that FMS should satisfy the size of the underestimated demand of Moscow, but assumes that the requested quota in 250 thousand migrants can cause or deficiency of labour in Moscow in 2008, or growth of indicators of illegal migration.

The day before the head of committee of inter-regional communications and a national policy of the government of Moscow Alexey Aleksandrov has officially informed that plans of the capital government on kvotirovaniju foreign labour for 2008 assume reduction of quotas on migrants from the countries of a visa-free regime to 250 thousand (in 2007 - 750 thousand), and from the countries with a visa regime - to 50 thousand (in 2007 - 80 thousand) . In committee have explained that the quota for 2008 for capital has been generated under demands of employers (they have been obliged to give them till May, 1st) and approved by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. The government of Moscow criticises a quota system, distributed FMS under demands of regions: from the beginning of 2007 by Federal migratory service across Moscow it is given out more than 426 thousand work permits to foreigners. Thus employers have notified on attraction only 111 thousand foreigners (the permission turns out independently). any of bodies of the federal and regional power cannot give the Answer where today and than these are engaged more than 300 thousand the foreign workers, - Alexander`s mister has noted.

work permits will annually be re-registered, and at reduction of a quota to 250 thousand not less than 200 thousand the labour migrants who had the permissions in 2007, next year can lose them. FMS believes that Moscow in 2008 should address repeatedly in the government with the request to expand a quota. Moscow to itself creates a problem - better nedobrat migrants, than to declare the underestimated quotas and by that to set in motion illegal immigrants. Not so clearly, than the capital will meet a lack at such reduced quota, - in any region huge deficiency of experts, and the problem of internal migration is even worse, than external - mister Boldyrev speaks.

Experts also consider quota understating by Moscow unreasonable. in 2008 of anything cardinally will not change - the requirement for migrants will be same, not less than 500 - 700 thousand - the chairman of the international association " is assured; Labour migration Nikolay Kurdyumov. Thus he specifies in slowness and imperfection of the system kvotirovanija, and also desire of the Moscow authorities rigidly to supervise migration. we already go too far. Quotas should be entered, when not 30 % of employers will notify on requirement for migrants, and at least 70 % - mister Kurdyumov speaks.

managing laboratory of migration INP Jeanne Zajonchkovsky confirms the Russian Academy of Sciences: the Moscow quota in 250 thousand means in the future or growth of illegal migration, or reduction of workplaces and, as consequence, the termination of growth of manufacture . However, she is assured what precisely to define requirements for migrants now it is almost impossible. Employers will search for ways how to bypass a quota, - will search for workers from other regions. Capital, having got to a demographic failure, will pull the population from other cities. Number of economically active population in Moscow is reduced - it ascertains.