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Belarus leaves heavy repayment

Belarus is ready to extinguish debts for the Russian gas. Yesterday, one days prior to promised Gazprom double reduction of deliveries of fuel, the president of the country Alexander Lukashenko has promised to find missing $460 million For the sake of it the Belarus authorities are ready to use means of the created Fund of national development all one year ago. to Gazprom however, promises of the president of Belarus insufficiently. Gas deliveries in the country will be reduced or not, it becomes known only this morning.
yesterday, acting on an anniversary of the most mass Belarus newspaper the Soviet Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has stopped on a problem of payment for the Russian gas. today I have given a command to pay $460 million, - he has declared. - we will pay from reserves, and within a month at the expense of credits it we will fill . As he said kind friends, in particular Hugo Chavez (the president of Venezuela. - ), have declared readiness to grant the loan for conditions favourable to us . The Belarus president has ranked As the same category of friends also the western banks.

as already informed, on Wednesday Gazprom has promised that in 10. 00 on Friday to 45 % will reduce gas deliveries to Belarus. The official reason - Beltransgaz has run into debt to Gazprom $456,16 million Since January, 1st with Russia the Belarus party paid for the arrangement only 55 % of deliveries (at the price of $100 for one thousand cubic metre). It was supposed that Belarus will extinguish the rest from the stabilisation credit promised by Russia. However in the end of last month it became definitively clear that Russia does not intend to give the credit.

Alexander Lukashenko yesterday for the first time has told that the Russian side has offered Belarus the interstate credit on unacceptable conditions - under 8,5 % annual. As he said, the preliminary arrangement on allocation of Belarus stabilisation credit for $1,2 - 2 mlrd for 15 years (with the repayment beginning in 5 years) in connection with rise in price of energy carriers has been reached between it and the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in the beginning of this year. I will not go to the Kremlin and on a knee I will not rise. We will survive. I think, it is fast also we it we will be useful - Alexander Lukashenko has declared.

the president of Belarus has taken an unprecedented step - has given the order to take money from off-budget Fund of national development which has been created all one year ago and till now worked only on reception of means.

the fund of national development has been founded for the purpose of modernisation of strategic industries and introduction of power saving up technologies on manufacture. Annual receipts in fund were assumed at level $600 million In December, 2006 the information has filtered into the press that each large Belarus company has been obliged to list in fund on $100 million Russian Slavneft even has tried to make the public protest however entering into its structure Mozyrsky oil refining factory all - taki has listed the necessary sum. In May of this year vitse - the prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko declared: the Money received from ` of Gazprom ` as payment for 12,5 % of actions ` Beltransgaza ` ($625 million - ), we will not return ` to Gazprom ` - they will go to Fund of national development .

it became known in the Evening that delegation Beltransgaza has taken off for Moscow on negotiations. The deputy chief of department on the information policy Gazprom Sergey Kuprijanov in interview to the Russian TV channels in 20. 00 evenings has declared: the Statement for readiness to pay debts for gas us, certainly, encourages. We will continue contacts with ` Beltransgazom `. Time to 10 o`clock in the morning on which reduction of deliveries is planned, it is enough that this question to settle .

the Analyst Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov considers that gas deliveries to Belarus will not reduce, because questions of principle, as half a year back, " are discussed not so; when Belarus translated on market conditions of contracts . This time money is important ` to Gazprom ` at which not the best financial situation - net profit falling has made 22 % - mister Nesterov notices.

the information stage of gas war of Russia and Belarus has most frightened euroofficials: the European Union is afraid of repetition of a situation of February, 2004 when from - for switching-off of Belarus without gas there was Poland and Lithuania (all through Belarus in EU passes nearby 40 mlrd gas cubic metre). In reply to new gas dispute between Russia and Belarus the European commission intends to call next week session of Coordination group on gas for consideration of a situation with fuel deliveries in a context of proceeding dispute between Russia and Belarus - have informed in a press - Eurocommission service.