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Sergey Naryshkin has received distribution to the Far East

specially left of holiday on session of the government of premieres - minister Michael Fradkov yesterday and could not solve a question on the one who will supervise $22,3 mlrd budgetary funds which the White house is ready to invest to Transbaikalia and the Far East till 2013, including $5,8 mlrd - for preparation of Vladivostok for the summit Asian - Pacific economic cooperation in 2012. Without having managed to choose from Rosstroja and Federal exchequer of the controller, premieres - the minister has unexpectedly charged to solve a question about FTSP vitse - to prime minister Sergey Naryshkin.
prime minister Michael Fradkov yesterday on half-day left the next holiday personally to hold government session on which the federal target program of development of the Far East and Transbaikalia till 2013 was considered. Holiday of premieres has continued immediately after government session. Michael Fradkov on the instructions of president Vladimir Putin personally is responsible for the project of development of this region and did not become, contrary to usual practice, to entrust presidency at government session to the assistants who were yesterday in Moscow, - to the first vitse - to prime minister Sergey Ivanov and vitse - to prime minister Sergey Naryshkin (Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Zhukov are in holidays). However, following the results of session the main point decision on FTSP all the same is entrusted vitse - to the prime minister - to Sergey Naryshkin.

predictably, the technology of financing FTSP for which the government plans to spend to 2013 566 mlrd roubles became the main point of issue. We will remind, on this money the government is going to reconstruct 22 airports, 13 seaports in region, to construct a modern ferry on Sakhalin and 6,5 thousand in km of roads. The subroutine of development of Vladivostok - preparation of a city for the summit of heads of the countries of the organisation Asian - Pacific economic cooperation (ATES) in 2012 should become the largest component FTSP.

MERT for realisation of the subroutine in cost 147,5 mlrd roubles (this figure in the White house zamglavy MERTa Vitaly Savelyev yesterday has published) suggests to create on the basis of Rosstroja uniform management - this state structure, according to Herman Gref`s subordinates, should and have money for development of Vladivostok, and supervise their expenditure by contractors, and be responsible for their target use.

Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin insists on that money was distributed through Federal exchequer, and for building departments for which objects of building would be profile - for example, for distribution " answered; road means Ministry of Transport would answer.

Alexey Kudrin has continued to defend yesterday the point of view, having declared that the uniform customer is not the standard for such programs also that it is ready not to open financing of subroutine FTSP until objects will not pass to balance the uniform customer - FGUP Rosstroja. He insisted that possibility not to create FGUP is - for example, by preparation for celebrating of a millenium of Kazan money was distributed by state commission led by Vladimir Putin. Here it is offered to lower the status to one of deputy heads of Rosstroja - the minister considers.

polemic with it has unexpectedly entered vitse - prime minister Sergey Naryshkin who has declared that at session of the governmental commission on the Far East the question has already been solved in favour of Rosstroja. It was supported with reservations by the minister of transport Igor Levitin. On this background the remark of head Minpromenergo Victor Khristenko that FTSP is prepared much earlier more the general Strategy of development of the Far East and Transbaikalia and on idea should not be accepted earlier it, it has not been heard by anybody. Michael Fradkov named a control design over FTSP, offered by the Ministry of Finance, the whatnot has approved the program basically and then has given a palm to mister Naryshkin. As a result also it is entrusted to it once again to work a question with the uniform state customer - FGUP Rosstroja.

we Will remind, the question on distribution 147 mlrd roubles (100 mlrd roubles - financing of the federal budget) investments into Vladivostok till 2012 and control over this money already became this week a subject of personnel decisions. As already wrote yesterday, the president has appointed former the first zamglavy protection Federal Agency, eks - the head of security service Gazprom Sergey Ushakov the adviser for preparation of summit ATES in Vladivostok. Now the destiny of the mechanism of financing FTSP will be defined by one more the curator - head of governmental body Sergey Naryshkin.

the first vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov who as it was supposed, will be one of participants of dispute (as already wrote, earlier he often was interested in projects within the limits of FTSP), practically did not participate in yesterday`s discussion. Only towards the end of discussion he together with the minister of transport has suggested to include again in FTSP mechanisms of subsidising of tariffs on railway and air transportation to the Far East. people there do not go, because, having called in once, get out therefrom cannot. The price of the ticket to the Far East makes of the European part of Russia 30 - 40 thousand roubles - Sergey Ivanov complained. But Michael Fradkov (it became one of the most mentioned characters on the Russian TV channels - see a heading Access to a body p. 4) has turned the offer for fun, having suggested to return to practice of Komsomol buildings and to send to the Far East heads from Moscow and Petersburg - it is probable, not in business trip, and at own expense.

predictably, a question on the one who will supervise an expenditure of means on FTSP in cost of $22,3 mlrd - Rosstroj, exchequer, departments or someone else, on termination of work as Sergey Naryshkin will be again discussed in the White house. Will watch succession of events.