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Bank the WHALE of Finans has entered in Top - 30

Investbank the WHALE of Finans yesterday has informed that following the results of the first half of the year its actives have grown more than on 74 %. It has allowed bank to rise in renkinge on some positions and to enter in tridtsatku the largest credit organisations. In bank such rapid growth connect with mortgage development. Meanwhile experts consider such approach too risky in spite of the fact that in Russia yet do not give out credits subprime .
Yesterday investment bank the WHALE of Finans has published results of the activity for the first half of the year under the Russian standards of the reporting. The most significant growth has shown bank in actives which have increased by 74,1 % from the beginning of this year (to 85,9 mlrd rbl.) . On this indicator the WHALE of Finans for the first time can enter in 30 largest Russian banks. As the director of department for external relations " has explained; the WHALE of Finans Vadim Barausov, a gain of actives of bank first of all is connected with increase in volume of mortgage loans (with 10 mlrd to 20 mlrd rbl.). For the specified period the bank has given out 5700 mortgage loans that on 320 % more than the similar period of last year.

by data for April, 1st, 2007, investment bank the WHALE of Finans occupies 33 - e a place on the size of own capital (7,9 mlrd rbl.) and 35 - e a place on the sum of a net wealth (59,6 mlrd rbl.). According to the reporting on RSBU for the first half of the year, the bank net profit has increased by 34,6 %, having made 2,5 mlrd rbl. Thus pure loan debts of bank has grown for the specified period on 74,5 % (to 57,8 mlrd rbl.), and means for accounts of clients have doubled (to 57,8 mlrd rbl.) .

the WHALE of Finans it was possible to overtake the Russian banks, whose semi-annual results of activity are already known, on rates of increase of actives. So, actives of Rosselhozbanka for the first half of the year 2007 have grown on 50 %, the Savings Bank - have increased by 45 %, bank St.-Petersburg - on 36 %. Close to the WHALE of Finans indicators only at Gazprombank - 65 %, however analysts specify that its actives have grown at the expense of sales of property of YUKOS.

many experts explain explosive indicators of growth first of all successful work of management. According to analyst FK Uralsib Leonid Slipchenko, bank has established relations with rekrutingovymi the companies and the building organisations, has created a successful regional network . At bank a strong team of managers, effective strategy of development and precisely certain market niche - the chief of department of the analysis of the debt market of Gazprombank Michael Zak adds.

At the same time many bankers have considered strategy the WHALE of Finans on separate sites of the market too aggressive . In their opinion, at such rapid growth of a mortgage the bank inevitably accumulates risks. Here it is necessary to consider, how much adequately the bank estimates solvency of the borrower, besides some building organisations do not carry out the obligations, - the senior vice-president Svjazbanka Alexander Shalenkov has explained. - On a joint of these two factors in the future there can be problems . Besides, according to experts, housing crediting though is considered the most reliable, but the concentration only on it one can turn back a negative subsequently. It is necessary to look, to what degree credits are provided by pledges and guarantors, - analyst IK ` tells Tsentrinvest Sekjuritiz ` Ruslan Migunov. - the mortgage though is less risky, but all - taki is consumer credits .