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Samara intercept on the way to EjrJUnion

Open Company the Terminal - D tries to initiate procedure of bankruptcy of Open Society Airline Samara expecting to collect from an air carrier of 5,7 million roubles of a debt. Experts doubt that to the Terminal - D it will be possible to receive the money as in the autumn the airline will be included into Open Society EjrJUnion then can be liquidated. Under forecasts of analysts, in the near future with similar claims in court can address and other creditors of airline, as after creation EjrJUnion chances to repay debts at them begin much more low. Yesterday 11 - j the arbitration appeal court of the Samara region has registered the complaint of Moscow Open Company the Terminal - D (the supplier of fuel) on definition of court of the first instance, not begun to consider the statement with the request for Open Society recognition Airline Samara the bankrupt. The company has addressed in court with such requirement, referring that cannot collect with Samaras debts at a rate of 5,7 million roubles. On July, 3rd the court has returned to Terminal D its statement, as on form and content it did not correspond to legislation requirements . In particular, as a substantiation of the claim the company has presented the court order on debt collecting, having declared that could not obtain on demand at an air carrier money. However, as have noted in court, thus Open Company could not prove that fact that it really did not manage to receive from an air carrier a debt. At the same time, according to the legislation, the claimant can address in court with the claim about bankruptcy in the event that will give proofs of impossibility of satisfaction of the requirements in other, not judicial order. It is necessary to notice that the Terminal - D not unique and it is far not the largest creditor Samaras . The total sum of debts of airline before all creditors is not disclosed, however, by data , only the debts under taxes of all levels make for today more than 357 million roubles.
in airline yesterday have declared that the arbitration court has returned Open Company statement the Terminal - D obosnovanno and according to the legislation from more detailed comments on this theme in to Samara refuse. Meanwhile, now actives Samaras merge in Open Society EjrJUnion created according to the decree of president Vladimir Putin from May, 2nd, 2007, on the basis of informal avia - alliance AiRUnion. We will remind, participation of the state in new airline is planned not less than 45 %, five operators - will enter into it Krasnoyarsk airlines Domodedovsky airlines Samara Omskavia and Sibaviatrans .
Analysts believe that Samara nevertheless will stop the existence, but not earlier, than Open Society " will be created; EjrJUnion (roughly - autumn of current year). After creation EjrJUnion by merge of five airlines it is quite reasonable to assume that these separate societies will be liquidated. But considering that some of them have the big debts, and their property by that moment will be transferred in EjrJUnion there is a temptation to make bankrupt the companies - the head of analytical service of agency " considers; Aviaport Oleg Panteleev. He believes that Open Company the Terminal - D - not the unique creditor Samaras which will try to collect a debt from an air carrier till the moment of its occurrence in EjrJUnion : After this Open Society will be created, to repay debts begins more difficult . At the same time mister Panteleev is assured - these attempts hardly will appear successful. There is a decree of the president about creation EjrJUnion and to stop this process by the statements similar to volume, with which the Terminal - D has addressed in court, it will be impossible. Perhaps, the court also will make any decision, but in a creation threshold EjrJUnion bankruptcy Samaras it is improbable - the analyst considers.
date of consideration of the appeal complaint of Open Company the Terminal - D it becomes known next week.
Evgenie Nikolaeva