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Offices will tighten to trade

next year in Orenburg is planned to begin works on reconstruction of a part of the areas in 120 thousand in sq. m of cotton-mill Orenteks under business - and expocentre which can be finished already in 2009 - 2010. The management company of project ROSS Group expects to create in industrial suburb of Orenburg trading and city business centre. By estimations of analysts, office component of the project can be successful - in Orenburg deficiency of modern office premises, and will create here a modern exhibition platform in old shops extremely difficult from - for specificity of requirements to such objects. As it became known , shareholders of Open Society the Orenburg textiles ( Orenteks ) Have made the basic decision on continuation of reconstruction of shops of cotton-mill and creation on their base of objects of commercial real estate. On the basis of industrial constructions by a total area of 120 thousand in sq. m it is supposed to create the business first in region - and expocentre. As a management company in the project acts Moscow ROSS Group, specialising on designing, building and the subsequent management trading - the entertaining centres in Russia. As broker ROSS Group Anton Turov, the decision to continue reconstruction of the areas " has informed ; Orenteksa and to give 120 thousand more sq. m under business - and expocentre it was accepted recognising that TRTS Armada (on Open Society Orenteks reconstruction of the areas in 120 thousand in sq. m under trading - the entertaining centre " now comes to the end; Armada which is planned to open in November of current year. - ). In ROSS Group did not begin to speak about volumes of investments into the new project. To begin reconstruction promobektov under business - the centre is planned in 2008, for now ROSS Group prisutpila to marketing researches on the basis of which data the class of office premises in new business - the centre will be defined.
Open Society Orenteks enters into first hundred the world`s largest enterprises of the textile industry, is engaged in processing of natural and synthetic fibres. Designed capacity - 73 million running metres of a fabric and about 10 thousand tons of a yarn annually. The basic shareholders - the Moscow companies Holteks - Investment textiles and Elton to each of which belongs on 38 % of actions of textile industrial complex.

In guild of realtors of region TPP have confirmed the fact of serious deficiency of office premises in the regional centre. if platforms on base Orenteksa Will have convenient access roads and bus routes at competent positioning and a self-public relations they have chances to turn to trading and business city centres - consider in chamber. Local businessmen a little sceptically estimate a site of prospect of business centre on suburb. According to the head Corporate technologies Sergey Shatalov, in city centre now there are no normal office platforms, it consists of the low constructions of a XIX-th century needing major repairs, but, nevertheless, while any businessman aspires to arrange office as it is possible is more subcentral . The director of department of consulting COLLIERS International Larissa Afanaseva considers that estimating perspectivity of a modern exhibition platform in Orenburg, it is necessary to consider a regularity of actions on its base. The profitable platform actually should not be empty and exhibitions should pass not 1 - 2 times a month, and to be regular, painted on some months forward . Besides, if reconstructed object are many-storeyed shops to have in them an exhibition platform simply unreasonably: modern expocentres which are in demand are one-storeyed premises with working height of ceilings from 8 metres, and with a parking which size assumes one mashinomesto on 20 sq. m of a display area - has specified the expert.
according to madam Afanasevoj, at reconstruction of buildings owners should invest $500 - 600 in each sq. metre and more, depending on an initial condition of objects. the project recoupment, of course, will be above than if the building was under construction from zero. However the total elapsed time will depend on size of rent rates and while it to predict extremely difficult - has underlined the expert, having added that hardly it will be office premise of a class And . Also madam Afanaseva has explained that it would be most logical to place in operation not all office platform at once is would be too risky, most likely, owners will place in operation office centre gradually, on buildings .
Michael Antonov, Orenburg;
Elena Kolycheva