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Dmitry Mazepin has received fertilizer of the parties

the Top - management bereznikovskogo “ Nitrogen “ owning an enterprise controlling interest, has finished the transaction on its sale. Its former minority shareholder - the company " became the new proprietor of industrial complex; Constructive bureau “ eks - heads SIBURa Dmitry Mazepina, consolidating about 90 % of actions. Yesterday Open Society “ Nitrogen “ (Berezniki) has published the information on changes in structure of shareholders. As they say in the company communique, Open Companies have left the packages “ Cross-country “ (19,18 %), ARCH ENERGY LIMITED (32,1 %) and Joint-Stock Company " owned; Western - the Ural chemical company “ (11,08 %). Thus a share “ Depozitarno - the clearing company “ representing, by data „“, interests “ Constructive bureau “ has increased with 29,55 to 91,93 %. Two sources, close to the transaction, and the manager of one of large chemical holdings have told „“ that a controlling stock “ Nitrogen “ has passed to Open Company “ Constructive bureau “ Dmitry Mazepina. “ Thus, Dmitry Mazepin owning earlier a block package of “Nitrogen“, has redeemed a share a top - managers of the enterprise “ - interlocutors „“ confirm. Structures of mister Mazepina already own in Perm of Open Society “ Halogen “.

Open Society “ Nitrogen “ (Berezniki, the Perm edge) makes a carbamide and ammoniac saltpeter. The enterprise gain in 2006 - 5,63 mlrd rbl., net profit - 1,2 mlrd rbl. Cost of a net wealth in I quarter 2007 made 4,9 mlrd rbl. the Information that owners of a controlling stock bereznikovskogo “ Nitrogen “ have decided to sell chemical industrial complex, has appeared in the beginning of year (see„ “From January, 23rd). Then the co-owner “ Nitrogen “ Vladimir Neljubin told„ “that offers on enterprise purchase have arrived from “ the Alpha - groups “ “ Renovy “ and “ Gazprom “. Analysts did not exclude possibility that control could be interesting and to minority shareholder Dmitry Mazepinu.

However, on assurances of owners of chemical industrial complex, recently negotiations with potential buyers were braked. Proprietors asserted that have seriously reflected, whether it is necessary to sell the enterprise in general. However, despite it, in May shareholders have decided to pay record 2,5 mlrd roubles of dividends at once for three years, and in the beginning of summer proprietors have deduced the actions from Open Company “ Uralhiminvest “ carrying out operating functions, also have translated them on three new companies.

yesterday the co-owner “ Nitrogen “ Vladimir Neljubin could not comment on transaction end on sale of the package, having noticed what to carry on negotiations and to make the transaction chairman of board of directors Sergey Makarov is authorised. Mister Makarov did not answer yesterday phone calls. Thus mister Neljubin has noticed that Dmitry Mazepin was considered by them as the buyer “ Nitrogen “ first of all, because it is the partner in this business. “ we have agreed, if its conditions suit us, it should be the first among applicants “ - mister Neljubin has explained.

Sources „“, close to SIBURu and group “ Renova “ yesterday also have confirmed that the new proprietor of the enterprise became “ Constructive bureau “.

Branch analysts consider that eks - president SIBURa Dmitry Mazepin does not become the final proprietor bereznikovskogo “ Nitrogen “ and will resell to its structures of gas monopoly. Recently a source „“ in group “ Gazprom “ confirmed that now at the enterprise the estimation of its actives is conducted by experts of group. “ structures “Gazproms“ interested in it become possibly, final proprietor of industrial complex all - taki, - the analyst „Antanty - the Capital“ George Ivanin believes. - Though it is not excluded that Dmitry Mazepin could once again, as well as in the history with Kirovo - Chepetsk chemical industrial complex, to steal a march on monopoly “. The expert estimates all bereznikovsky “ Nitrogen “ in $330 million

Proceeding from quotations on RTS, yesterday bereznikovsky “ Nitrogen “ $264 million Mister Neljubin cost has informed „“ that during negotiations the sum of transaction was discussed with mister Mazepinym in $230-250 million
Vladimir Ravvinsky, Moscow;
Anastas Kostin