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the Owner of the Kungursky meat-packing plant (KMK) Sergey Kurenev has postponed the civil-engineering design for a release svinokompleksa in the Perm area. Instead it develops scale reconstruction KMK thanks to what intend to increase in a year manufacture of meat products in 2,5 times. To enclose in reconstruction it intend not less than 1,2 mlrd roubles. On a meat-packing plant declare what more cheaply to buy raw materials from the strongest manufacturers from the next regions, than to compete to them. Yesterday the sales manager of Open Society “ the Kungursky meat-packing plant “ Alexey Pinjagin has informed „“ that the enterprise has postponed plans on building of the integrated centre of manufacture and mjasopererabotki in the Perm area. Instead KMK realises other idea - will be engaged in reconstruction mjasopererabatyvajushchih capacities in Kungursky area. The volume of investments into this project will make 1,2 mlrd roubles. On a meat-packing plant new processing lines that will allow to increase manufacture of meat products in 2,5 times - with 80 to 200 tons a day will be constructed some.

to finish scale reconstruction it is supposed in a year then KMK it will be possible to occupy about 80 % of the Perm market. And if now possibilities “ Kungursky “ extend only on the Perm edge in a year owners KMK intend to sell the production and in the next regions - Udmurtiya and Sverdlovsk area.

we will remind, the owner of the Kungursky meat-packing plant Sergey Kurenev has decided to be taken by pork manufacture one and a half years ago. For this purpose he has tried to receive control over FGUP “ Svinokompleks “Perm“ “ in Krasnokamsk area which was in bankruptcy procedure. Mister Kurenev intended to get its property at the auctions during competitive manufacture. But after a year has refused claims on “ Perm “ After representatives of the state in person Rosimushchestva have decided to deduce independently FGUP from a crisis state. Then Sergey Kurenev has decided to construct new svinokompleks in the Perm area. The industrial complex management has already chosen a ground the area of 4,5 thousand in hectare in Muljansky settlement. Even the pile field for building kombikormovogo factory has been prepared. According to plan capacity of the future svinokompleksa will make 22 thousand tons of meat a year. Was planned to begin building of the basic capacities of a complex in April - May, 2007, and to hand over object in November, 2008.

now complex building is postponed. The reasons at this decision, according to mister Pinjagina, purely economic - to invest in meat manufacture in the Perm edge now it is unprofitable as more cheaply to buy it in the next regions. “ all build svinokompleksy. Nearby in Udmurtiya is very big svinokompleks “East“ which now extends, shareholders put the big investments into development. In Sverdlovsk area is under construction svinokompleks on 80 thousand goals. Our plans were much more modest, frankly speaking, - mister Pinjagin marks. - There is no sense to fight with monsters - it is necessary to be on friendly terms with them. To buy from them raw materials and to be engaged in that you are able, - manufacture “. It is interesting that now Udmurt svinokompleks “ East “ is the unique supplier of raw materials for KMK. Kungursky “ has made friends “ with “ East “ in the spring of this year when has ceased to buy pork on “ Perm “. By the way, chicken raw materials (for manufacture of half-finished products which now works in a test mode. - „“) KMK too buys not in Prikamye, and on one of integrated poultry farms in Tatarstan.

the Head of the Perm area Alexander Kuznetsov considers that the project is postponed from - for problems with financing. “ I know about it. For a long time it was clear that the project will not be realised, - he has declared „“. - However, the pile field is already hammered. Well, whether few such fields in Russia. Probably, will wait for the hour “. By data „“, it is negative on the complex civil-engineering design in the Perm area the situation with connection of prospective manufacture to the basic transport and economic communications has affected: the site is located too far from networks and as a result the project appeared very expensive. The head of area denies this reason. He has declared „“ that a part of questions with an infrastructure municipality and the subject of federation garantirovanno incurred.

we will notice that svinokompleks “ Perm “ having returned under control of Rosimushchestva, began to co-operate more actively with owners of the second-large meat-packing plant in region - “ Perm “. “ We buy raw materials at “Perm“, us arranges both the price and quality. Well and motives “Kungursky“ there can be only commercial interests “ - the director of branch " has declared „“; prodo - management “ Alexander Borodaj (supervises a meat-packing plant “ Perm “). He has noticed that a meat-packing plant “ Perm “ too carries out reconstruction, increasing capacities twice. “ ambitious plans of the worthy competitor - for us stimulus that also we worked is better. We are not idle. - he has specified. - and 1,2 mlrd roubles for reconstruction mjasopererabatyvajushchego manufactures - really quite good sum “.
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