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  the Electoral system the Head of the Volgograd regional election committee has kept polnomochijagennady Shajhullin is unanimously selected by the head of election committee of the Volgograd region. As have informed yesterday in the Volgograd regional election committee, such decision was accepted on August, 1st at the first session of new structure of election committee of region. The chairman, and the secretary members of electoral committee chose the assistant by ballot. Natalia Fateyev will replace Gennady Shajhullina, the secretary selects Dmitry Kuts, both were included into former structure of regional election committee. The new structure of election committee included 14 persons, on seven candidates of the Volgograd regional thought and administration of the region. Gennady Shajhullin is recommended by the Central Electoral Commission. Exactly half of new electoral committee was made by members of the previous structure.

  The power BAES has exceeded planv July, 2007 the Balakovsky atomic power station has developed 2,66 mlrd kw/ hour of the electric power (performance of the monthly plan - 104 %), have informed in a press - atomic power station service. The operating ratio of the established capacity (KIUM) the Balakovsky atomic power station for the last month has made 89,5 %. The Balakovsky nuclear station works safely and reliably. Under loading there are three power units, the power unit 1 - in planned repair. Level of radiation around an arrangement of the atomic power station did not exceed and does not exceed the safe background values peculiar to the European part of Russia, and those values which were observed here before station input in operation.

  Investments In Saratov have estimated projects Yesterday at the next session of the Saratov competitive commission on public zaslushivaniju the investment projects applying for support from means of the regional budget, 8 projects representing the industry, building, agriculture, transport have been presented. Open Society Robert Bosh Saratov NPF potehinik - have presented the project of working out of figured forms for confectionery, the technology allows to carry out production packing simultaneously. Two projects on acquisition and installation of installations Akvahlor 500 has presented MUP Balakovo - the Water canal . Enterprise re-equipment will allow to pass to water treating without application of liquid chlorine. The Minister of economic development and trade of area Alexander Streljuhin has underlined that the given technology already is applied in Engelssky area. In agriculture sphere it has been heard three projects: Brewery Pokrovsk confectionery factory Pokrovsk and marksovskoj the companies Horizon - With which presented the innovative project assuming transition of a motor car park of the enterprise, including, agricultural machinery on the compressed natural gas. The transport branch at hearings was presented by the enterprise Volga - Zil - the Center with the project on expansion of service base for service of cargo motor transport. Final session of the competitive commission will take place on August, 3rd. 15 projects will be presented.
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