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the Investigatory department of Department of Internal Affairs Severo - East district of Moscow had been brought yesterday criminal case upon mass fight in which four persons have got the knife wounds. Incident has been fixed on Tuesday at ten o`clock evenings on 1 - j to Ostankinsky street opposite to southern departure from territory of the All-Russia exhibition centre. Between six Muscovites and two natives of Central Asia there was a conflict which has ended with fight. The Asians who have appeared in minority were protected by means of knifes - sharpenings. As a result with getting koloto - rezanymi wounds have been hospitalised 20 - summer Sergey Bokov, 21 - summer Igor Pechuchin, 18 - summer Andrey Antropov and 22 - summer Nikolay Lazarev. Asians from a scene have disappeared. They are put on the wanted list. The speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov has paid attention to this incident. He has demanded from capital law enforcement bodies to spend Thorough and fast investigation including to find out, whether there was here an international motive . The consequence while qualifies incident as hooliganism and deliberate causing of heavy harm to health from hooligan promptings . According to the deputy chief of management of the information of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Evgenie Gildeeva, fight has occurred because of drinking of spirits and is not the international conflict .

To the mayor of Arkhangelsk have not admitted public defenders
Yesterday at judicial session on business of the mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donsky accused and its lawyer Tatyana Protsenko have submitted two petitions for attraction as public defenders on its business of the leader Incorporated civil front Harry Kasparov and the assistant to head of the Office of the RF President Vladislav Surkova. The court has rejected the request of the mayor, having agreed with the Arkhangelsk Office of Public Prosecutor that the persons declared in petitions, are not present at a court hall, and they did not accept participation in preliminary investigation on business.

as it became known, Harry Kasparov has expressed the support to the mayor. Now the politician is outside of Russia but if it was in the country would take part in process of the mayor who is exposed, according to mister Kasparov, to administrative pressure. Leader OGF believes that Alexander Donsky`s criminal prosecution is connected with its political activity, and it is infringement of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

the second public defender Vladislav Surkov declared by the mayor while has not reacted in any way to the statement of the mister Don. But the lawyer of the mayor Sergey Nikitin has informed that its client had strong reasons to designate mister Surkova the defender, as The mayor, probably, had personal contacts to this person and has the bases to hope for its protection .

, Arkhangelsk

to the Tomsk town governor have announced all list of charges
Protection of the discharged mayor of Tomsk being in a pre-trial detention centre of post Alexander Makarova expects to receive next Tuesday from Office of Public Prosecutor the notice on end of preliminary investigation. On it has informed yesterday a press - the secretary of mister Makarova Nadezhda Dreval. This week charge has been shown in definitive edition. We will remind that on December, 6th, 2006 concerning the mayor of Tomsk criminal case under item 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" has been brought; Abusing powers of office ) and item 163 ( Extortion ) . In the end of January, 2007 additional accusation on ch has been brought to Alexander Makarovu. 2 items 285 ( the Abusing powers of office made by the head of local government ) and item 289 ( Illegal participation in enterprise activity ), and in the end of April to this list charge in bribe reception in the large size (the item " was added; g ch. 4 items 290), in illegal participation in enterprise activity (item 289 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and on two again established episodes of abusing powers of office (ch. 2 items 285). Besides, last week to the town governor have brought accusation on 228 - j to article ( Storage of drugs without a sales objective ) . to Mister Makarovu all charges seem ridiculous - its lawyer Victor Bakurevich has informed.

, Tomsk

Have shot the lawyer
In St.-Petersburg in the house #86/ 3 on Lunacharsky`s prospectus the lawyer on criminal cases Dmitry Sobolev has been shot. The body of mister Soboleva lying at the lift, neighbours who have informed on it in militia have found out. The weapon on a scene of crime has not been thrown. In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Petersburg and Leningrad region have informed that all versions, but one of priority - the custom-made murder connected with professional work of the killed lawyer are considered. However colleagues Dmitry Soboleva and heads of lawyer chamber of Petersburg yet do not divide this version. Business of a so-called gang of the hospital attendants which members were accused of gangsterism and murders became last sensational case in which mister Sobolev took part. In this business lawyer Dmitry Sobolev represented interests of the manager patologo - Pavel Beljaeva`s anatomic bureau which, under the version of Office of Public Prosecutor, was the organizer of a gang. Among victims gangs of hospital attendants there was an assistant to the main expert in narcology on Severo - to Sergey Tikhomirov`s Western federal district - Larissa Artjuhovsky. As has established a consequence, the former main expert in narcology of district has ordered the subordinate to the former medical workers. In October, 2006 the city court has pronounced a sentence on this business, having sentenced Pavel Beljaeva to 15 years of a high security. Soon after that sentence one of witnesses has been killed.

, St.-Petersburg