Rus News Journal

On August, 3rd Friday

Is quiet day favorable for health. The moon is in a sign on the Aries, in an organism the head is sensitive, but serious problems even with it it is not expected. It is possible to be engaged in all kinds of activity.
it is favorable day. Harmonious aspects form Merkury with Mars. And also the Moon with the Sun and Jupiter, closing an equipotential triangle. Therefore day is suitable for any activity. Probably, it the best this month to start new affairs, registration of firms, introductions into marriage, house warming. Favorable conditions remain within all days though all is better - taki to execute important issues till 19 o`clock Moscow time.

market conditions as a whole quiet, optimistical. It is possible to make both purchases, and sales depending on your further plans. Day approaches for program drawing up on the future, for acceptance of important political and economic decisions. Now it is possible to stabilise conditions in those either other regions of the world or branches, without resorting to emergency measures.

it is possible to go to any travel, including to the most distant, to scientific expeditions, active rounds. All types of transport should work normally, it is possible to move by the ground, to air and water.

day approaches and for all kinds of rest and leisure, for employment by art and sports, creative and a physical activity. Well dialogue with the nature and water.

the probability of various incidents with people and technics is on a low level. Certainly, absolutely careless it is impossible to be, safety precautions observance is necessary and during the harmonious periods.

day is favorable and for love, personal relations.

Arieses become leaders, will set the fashion in sports and travel, to commerce and love. Day can bring to you personal achievements.

Tauruses can take pleasure in calmness and harmony. It is possible to devote this day to the hobbies and hobbies.

twins begin to communicate actively with business partners, friends, and also with favourite passions. Successful day and for all kinds of physical activity.

cancers can go to travel, achieve the important objective, meet the influential interesting person.

lions have good possibilities for house and home life, for dialogue with children and parents, for rest on the nature, travel.

maidens are capable to obtain the credit, to agree about financing. In private life the interesting moments in sexual sphere are possible.

scales can get acquainted with interesting people. Successful day for business, friendly and love dialogue.

scorpions will successfully perform any work. Successful day for commerce. Time part devote to health, physical culture.

Sagittariuses will have contacts to known people, representatives of the power. Good time for love, playing sports, travel.

Capricorns will solve the house questions. It is possible to get real estate, to move. There are chances and in love.

Aquarius will expand a circle of friendly and business contacts that can bring considerable benefit. Successful day and in private life.

fishes can do shopping, find favourable work, solve other material questions. Day is good for health and sports.

on August, 4th Saturday
For health day favorable, quiet. In the sky only harmonious aspects. Vulnerability of separate parts of an organism should not be shown. It is possible to be engaged in any kinds of business activity.

this day the train of several favorable days, when in the sky only harmonious aspects comes to the end. The moon is in a sign on the Aries, is favorable aspektiruet the Neptune, Saturn and Pluton.

Day is suitable for any activity, including business, operations with securities, bank and credit contracts, insurance. It is possible to be engaged in building and repair.

beneficial effect on health and mood will render sports. It is possible to practise its any kinds.

suitable time for trips. All types of transport should work normally. Separate rare incidents from - for fervours and a carelessness are possible. Do not hasten. But as a whole it is impossible to name day dangerous or disputed.

Merkury passes as a sign of the Lion where will stay this time not for long, all till August, 19th in the evening. Nevertheless during this period it is possible to expect bright sensations in the mass media concerning political, cultural and sports life.

at night the Moon without a course, such period will last from 21 o`clock on Saturday to 3. 17 nights on Sunday. It is possible to have a rest easy and to undertake nothing. It is necessary to sleep, as tomorrow emotionally unstable day which can create disharmony in home life.

new working week will begin since difficult days, but one more harmonious interval will be closer to its end.

Arieses will set the fashion in dialogue. It is useful for you to show the initiative and in affairs. Good time for sports, homework, dialogue with children.

Tauruses realise the ideas and plans. Do not hope thus for other people, operate independently.

twins will well work in a command. It is possible to go to trips, to make active business contacts and information gathering.

cancers it is successful and with pleasure will be engaged in any affairs connected with water, and also building or financial questions.

lions can be engaged in literary or scientific creativity, go to travel, visit the native.

maidens have good possibilities for work with credits and insurance. It is possible to risk in sports and to establish a personal record.

scales will manage to find long-term partners in business life, friendship or in love. It is possible to conclude contracts.

scorpions will cope with any physical or mental work. It is possible to involve the workers subordinated also.

Sagittariuses will be a success in sports, art, high life. Favorable time for love, dialogue with children. It is possible to travel.

Capricorns will execute important homeworks. It is possible to make transactions with real estate. Favorable day for family dialogue.

Aquarius can make set of interesting and useful trips. Day is successful for business and informative dialogue.

fishes will be a success in monetary affairs of any sort. It is possible to begin long-term projects. Good time for dialogue with water.