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The authorities of Nepal have entered into the agreement with maoistami

on January, 30th the government of Nepal and forbidden in the country maoistskaja Communist Party have reached agreements on cease-fire and the negotiating process beginning. The government will generate special delegation which will carry on negotiations with insurgents.
it declared the prime minister - the minister of provisional government Lokendra Bahadur Chand. On commission structure it is not informed.

on January, 27th and 28 have passed informal meetings of representatives of the Nepalese authorities and maoistov where the agreement on the dialogue beginning has been reached. According to leaders maoistov, the authorities have agreed not to name their terrorists henceforth.

as marks RIA News the former prime minister - the minister of Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba acted as the initiator of dialogue with maoistami in July, 2001 of Delegation of the parties have spent four rounds of negotiations, however as a result they have been broken maoistami. In October of last year king Gjanendra has sent an office of Deuby in resignation.

now in connection with the acts of terrorism regularly spent maoistami, in the country state of emergency operates entered by the king in November, 2001. The Maoistsky Communist Party conducts active terrorist activity in the country since 1996, achieving constitutional monarchy cancellation. In this time in Nepal 7,5 thousand persons were lost.