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UEFA has decided to punish racists

on January, 30th a management of the Union of the European football associations (UEFA) has urged the referee of matches to bring the contribution to struggle against racism displays in football.
racism and xenophobia, - has declared the director of the Union for carrying out of competitions Jacob Erel, - are very dangerous to our game, they undermine it and as a cancer tumour, are capable to cause a serious damage .

UEFA has begun active struggle against racism in October, 2002 Then the plan of struggle against racist incidents for tribunes of football stadiums has been accepted. In it of 10 points, and the majority of them is directed on the prevention of the similar phenomena.

the plan, in particular, provides that all European clubs should act with statements for condemnation of racism and incur the obligation to punish the players convicted of displays of racism.

Besides, at sale of seasonal subscriptions from the buyer assurance that he will not resort to racist sorties will be required. In the event that fans on tribunes will start to cry out racist insults on a broadcasting network of stadium the statement with sharp condemnation of such behaviour should be made.

for racist tricks of the fans clubs can be punished the penalty in 14 thousand euro, in a repeated case the penalty will grow to 70 thousand euro if incident occurs in the third time the club will be compelled to spend the following match at empty tribunes, transfers ITAR - TASS.