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For the first time the Mongol

this year for the first time first two lines of ratings of fighters sumo became the champion sumo foreigners have occupied. On January, 29th Dolgorsuren Dagvadordzh, known to fans as Asashorju, that is the Dark blue Morning Dragon, became the first Mongol who has won the higher title in this sport.
as informs BBC, he has won two national tournaments and has received a rank of Jokodzuna that means the great champion .

After recent leaving from big-time sports of the veteran sumo Takanohana, unique great champions continuing performances, there are Asashorju and the Hawaiian fighter Musashimaru.

These sportsmen have forced out from the higher lines of ratings sumo Japanese fighters that causes ambiguous reaction in a Japanese society. Any Japanese fighter did not receive a title of Jokodzuny since 1998, and attendance of competitions last years has decreased.

BBC notices that it is difficult to find more honourable title, than a rank of the great champion in Japan on sumo. This kind of struggle has arisen 2 thousand years ago as religious ceremony.

today 51 foreigner competes with Japanese fighters. The majority of foreigners - Mongols, four sportsmen represent Russia, and on three - the USA and Brazil.