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In Russia the new law on advertising

in Moscow at session of the commission of Council of Federation on the information policy prepares on January, 30th the decision on necessity of acceptance of the new law on advertising was accepted. Advertisers, deputies and senators, and also representatives will take part in law working out minpechati.
As informs RIA - News at session of Council of Federation the theme " was discussed; About a condition and prospects of development of the Russian advertising market and necessary measures of legislative support and regulation . During meeting its participants have come to opinion that acceptance of the new law on advertising is necessary. For it is silent the purposes will the working group which structure will include representatives of the Ministry of Press, advertisers and legislators is created.

according to the president of the Russian Association of advertising agencies Vladimir Evstafeva, we need radical revision of positions of the law on advertising . The president of a group of companies Video - Interneshnl Yury Zapol has declared that it should be considerably new legislation . The First deputy of the Minister of Press Michael Seslavinsky also has declared that the law on advertising demands changes.