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The speaker the PASS has cleared a question on resignation of lord Dzhadda

on January, 30th the chairman of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Peter Shider has told that the assembly management will discuss with the Russian authorities of the form of the further cooperation in the Chechen Republic, and a question on the chief negotiator the PASS in republic to solve still early.
In my opinion, in the today`s statement of Lord Dzhadda there is no dilemma. At us the yesterday`s decision of Assembly across the Chechen Republic in which the opinion of Assembly on a referendum " is formulated; - NTV broadcasting company gives of Peter Shidera`s word.

according to the chairman the PASS, this document will be directed the Russian authorities. No less than the conclusion of the Venetian commission which he expects under the project of the Chechen constitution. Last document, according to mister Shidera, will be directed, in particular, to the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee Alexander Veshnjakovu.

the Speaker of parliamentary assembly also has concerned a question on the future joint activity of working group the State Duma - the PASS. He has told: We will discuss with the Russian delegation what should be this our cooperation in the future... And if Judd retires, means on its place there will be someone another if it does not leave, it means remains, we will look .

As to the statement of Dzhadda for possible resignation, Shider has confirmed that the Bureau the PASS will consider this situation on Friday at the session at midday. but it will be one of hundreds questions which have collected during session - he has underlined.

we will remind that today it has expressed readiness to retire from posts of the lecturer the PASS across the Chechen Republic and the co-chairman of working group of the Duma the PASS in case the referendum under the Chechen constitution on March, 23rd will take place.