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Inhabitants of Minsk are dissatisfied with the government

Claims to activity of the government of Belarus have 92 % of inhabitants of Minsk. These are results of poll spent last days of January 2003. The Belarus sociological service the Mirror .
Only 4 % of inhabitants the Byelorussian of capital have no claims, and as much find it difficult to answer this question.

to five hundred minchanam at the age of 18 years also is more senior it was offered to answer a question: In what your basic claims to activity of the government of Belarus consist? .
about 47 % of respondents have declared that the government cannot cope with a rise in prices for the goods and services.

over third interrogated have noticed that the cabinet cannot cope with crisis in economy (38 %), with decrease in a standard of living of the population (37 %), and also cannot provide people with work (33 %). According to 27 % of participants of poll, the government does not care of population social protection.

12 % minchan have paid attention that the government cannot provide safety of citizens, insufficiently effectively struggles with criminality. 9 % accuse him of low professional level.

during poll of 1 % interrogated minchan have noticed that the government of Belarus operates in interests of the foreign capital informs on January, 31st agency Rosbizneskonsalting .