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Employees of NTV ask the help from Presidential Administration

on January, 31st on a site of a broadcasting company of NTV the post card of trustees of NTV into which leading experts of the TV channel, addressed to Presidential Administration of Russia and a management " enter is published; Gazprom . The collective asks to understand with a situation.
the post card of trustees of NTV to shareholders of the company

to the Chairman of board of directors of Open Society Gazprom - to the first deputy of the head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation D.A.Medvedev

to the Chairman of the board of Open Society Gazprom to A. B.Miller

to the Chairman of the supervisory board of Open Society AKB evrofinans A.A.Movchanu

to the President - to the chairman of the board of Open Society AKB evrofinans V.M.Stoljarenko

the Copy: to the minister of the Russian Federation of affairs of the press, tele-radio broadcasting and means of mass communications of M.Ju.Lesinu

dear sirs!

we Address to you, the broadcasting companies of NTV disturbed by destiny.
respecting the rights of shareholders to make any decisions, concerning works of the company, nevertheless consider that last personnel appointments have put NTV on a crisis side.
NTV broadcasting company - media - the active and our place of work - is under the threat of loss of the positions won by it in the Russian telemarket.
we, trustees of NTV, address to the head Gazprom to mister Miller A.B. with the request for a meeting for the current situation permission.

Akopov R - the first deputy the General director
Anikin O - the director for development
Yefimov A - the program director
Ivanchenko O - the financial director
Mitkova T - the editor-in-chief
Osipov E - the director for the personnel
Oslon O - the head of sociological service
Parfyonov L - conducting
Piskaryov S - the deputy the general director on advertising
Shanovich With. - art - the director
Shumakov S - the main producer
Shuster S - the leader

on January, 30th, 2003.

the letter original