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Melnichenko Nikolay Melnichenko, the former security guard of the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, acting with the publication of audiomaterials convicting the Ukrainian leader has decided to return to Ukraine

, has declared the intention to return home from the USA.
as informs The Times, mister Melnichenko was tired of the stress connected with fears for and for the family, however intends to return to Ukraine, despite risk.

he also is going to visit soon London to promote participation of the governmental circles of Great Britain to pressure rendering in independent investigation of death of journalist George Gongadze.

Now, marks the edition, the European court under human rights considers a question on that, the exception in the spring of 2002 of a nominee of Nikolay Melnichenko from lists standing for the Ukrainian parliament on the basis of its absence in Ukraine was how much lawful. If the rights of mister Melnichenko are recognised by court, it will receive immunity from arrest and Office of Public Prosecutor, believes The Times. However, the former security guard has informed, at any issue of a suit the family to it should be left in the USA, because here there are less than chances that them will steal .