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The court has not satisfied the claim for Valu Gamburtseva

on January, 31st district court of Irkutsk has refused satisfaction of the claim of one of minority shareholders of LUKOIL which challenged legality of actions of the company Northern oil acquired the right to deposit working out the Shaft of Gamburtseva .
the Irkutsk court recognised as lawful all actions of a management Northern oil at competition on a shaft of Gamburtseva and in the course of work on this deposit - transfers the PRIME - TASS. The claimant, a certain L.Morozov, demanded to forbid the companies to transfer in the company Transneft any documents connected with reception and shipment of hydrocarbonic raw materials. However still on January, 29th the same court the definition has completely cancelled obespechitelnye the measures which action has been suspended on January, 5th by the chairman of Irkutsk regional court.

L.Morozova`s claim has arrived on consideration on December, 28th, 2002 The first judicial session on this business has been transferred in connection with absence of the claimant that has been qualified by lawyers Northern oil as an obvious recognition zhalobshchikom judicial hopelessness of business.

only in July - August, 2002 of 7 minority shareholders LUKOIL almost similar complaints in various courts made, and judicial these affairs have not received continuation.

Open Society Northern oil owns licences for working out of 15 oil deposits of Timano - Pechora neftegazonosnogo a site. In 2001 the company has been recognised by the winner in the state competition on the right of development of deposits of a site the Shaft of Gamburtseva . This victory, and also competition were repeatedly challenged by the lost companies, among which almost all large oil companies. However legality of competition and its results has been repeatedly confirmed in courts of various instances.