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Rembrandt`s unknown self-portrait

the Dutch restorers is found declared that have found a self-portrait of Rembrandt unknown earlier which is dated 1634 Work of the master disappeared under the picture written on it representing Russian nobleman in a velvet cap.

restorers needed 6 years to wash off stratifications of later time and to open to the world a self-portrait. They yet have not established, who has for what purpose written a picture on Rembrandt`s self-portrait. On a cloth there was a signature of the great Dutch, but experts were confused that more rough manner of the letter did not resemble a hand of the master. As transfers RIA News some experts express opinion that the pupil and Rembrandt Govert Flink`s contemporary could be the author of a portrait of a nobleman.

the Portrait of Russian nobleman was many years in the property of private collectors. In the middle of 1990 - h years last owner of a picture has transferred to its employees of the research centre in Amsterdam. He has asked to find out, whether the portrait the great master as features of Russian nobleman in a picture reminded Rembrandt`s person a little could be written.