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Possible causes of accident of a shuttle

Some experts in the USA are called believe that technical malfunctions could become the reason of wreck Columbia. So, on January, 16th right after start the piece of isolating foam which could strike on the left wing of the ship has fallen off an external fuel tank of the rocket.
as transfers AR, on the eve of Leroj Kejn conducting the flight director of Control centre by flights, has assured journalists that engineers have come to a conclusion: the wing has received the insignificant damages which are not representing any threat.

according to ITAR - TASS, in Rosaviakosmose causes of accident of the American spaceship see in infringement of aerodynamic characteristics at occurrence in atmosphere dense beds. As has declared a press - the secretary of head Rosaviakosmosa Sergey of Humpbacks: On the monitor it was visible, as any detail has fallen off the ship, and any trifle in such conditions can play a tragical role . It has explained that at descent the spaceship goes with the switched off engine with a speed 5 - 6 km a second. The slightest deviation from a corridor the descent taken away by the program, it is irreversible conducts to failure. the input in atmosphere under another aspect, other loading, other temperature mode - all the ship cannot sustain it. At such height there are no means of rescue of crewmen - has told Humpbacks.

head Rosavikosmosa Yury Koptev is in constant contact with Russian and American TSUPami, the arriving information in details is analyzed.