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In Kirghizia the referendum

In a national referendum on modification and additions in the constitution of Kirghizia, to 13 has taken place. 00 local times have taken part almost 60 percent of voters of the country.

inhabitants of Kirghizia should define position today about the amendments brought in the organic law of the country at the initiative of president Askara Akaeva, and also approve continuation of presidential powers of the present head of Kirghizia before the termination of elective term - autumns of 2005 According to the Central Electoral Commission, the greatest activity was shown by inhabitants of high-mountainous Naryn area where in the forenoon on polling districts have come more than 77 percent of full age citizens. In capital of Kirghizia this figure makes only 35 percent.

as the manager has informed is information - analytical department of the Central Electoral Commission of Kirghizia Nina Mukhin, by the present moment participation in plebiscite have accepted 1 million 438 thousand persons from 2 million 464 thousand brought in lists of voters. Thus, according to preliminary data, it is possible to consider a referendum taken place .

As transfers RIA News addressing to journalists, Askar Akaev has declared that results of a referendum will demonstrate who is supported by the republic people - the power or opposition. The republic opposition earlier repeatedly declared that new edition of the constitution breaks the basic constitutional guarantees of protection of the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen and suggested to postpone referendum terms.