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The mayor of Norilsk

the secretary of district election committee Ekaterina Guzhavina became on February, 3rd governor Tajmyra has informed that 42 - the summer mayor of Norilsk Oleg Budargin is officially recognised by the selected governor Tajmyrsky (Dolgano - Nenets) autonomous region.
as transfers ITAR - TASS, Guzhavina has declared that upon termination of check and calculation of all bulletins the commission has brought official results of elections of the governor of district.

at session okrizbirkoma the decision on a recognition of elections taken place and valid was accepted, and candidate Oleg Budargin who has typed 69,09 % of votes, is recognised by officially selected governor of Tajmyrsky joint-stock company.

under the law the official introduction into a post of the head of administration of territory should pass on 14 - j day after the publication of official results of elections in the newspaper Tajmyr .

Early election of governor Tajmyra in which 8 applicants took part, were spent on January, 26th in connection with Alexander Hloponina`s election as the head of administration of Krasnoyarsk region.

Budargin was born on November, 16th 1960 g in Ust - the Kamchatka area of the Kamchatka area. In 1982 has ended with distinction Norilsk industrial institute on a speciality Industrial and civil building . To work the beginnings on Norilsk industrial complex as the master shahtostroitelnogo trust, has reached the assistant to the general director of industrial complex. In December 2000 g it is selected by the head of Norilsk. It is awarded by an award medal For merits before Fatherland II degrees. It is married, has the son.