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Saudi Arabia reduces quantity of foreigners

the Higher Economic Council of Saudi Arabia under the chairmanship of prestolonaslednika prince Abdally ben Abdelaziza on February, 2nd has decided that till 2012 kingdom should leave 700 thousand foreign citizens.
under the council decision, the aggregate number of foreigners should not exceed 20 % of the population.

also council has considered that the number of citizens of one state living in Saudi Arabia, should not exceed 10 % from an aggregate number of foreigners.

as informs RIA News now in Saudi Arabia live over 7 million foreigners that makes bole 30 % of the population of kingdom. From them 5 million working, and the others - members of families. Foreigners make two thirds of labour thus that the rate of unemployment among saudovtsev reaches 9 %.

VES also has decided to open for a private sector and foreigners area of communications, transport, including pipeline, formation, electric power industry, insurance business and the press. Henceforth it will be authorised to foreign mass-media to open correspondent`s offices in kingdom.