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The Czech authorities have detained group of Palestinians

the First this information has extended on February, 3rd the German weekly journal Focus which has informed that arrested persons were involved in preparation of acts of terrorism against the Israeli and American diplomats in Berlin.
making comments on the publication in Focus, the official representative of the Czech immigration police Barbara Kudlachkova has informed that on January, 27th in Prague 7 Palestinians who followed from Moscow to Beirut with change in the Czech capital have really been detained - Associated Press reports. However, as has underlined g - zha Kudlachkova, the Czech authorities do not have any information on participation of arrested persons, among which woman and child, to terrorist activity.

the detained Palestinians, as she said, after arrival in Prague have refused to sit down aboard the plane going to Beirut and have shown resistance to policemen which tried to plant force them in an air liner. At the moment all arrested persons are in the centre for illegal aliens in territory of the Czech Republic. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Czechia while refuse to inform, what official status of arrested persons at present.