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At train wreck in India 150 persons

Under the specified data, a death toll in large railway accident in India which has occurred on the night of September, 10th were lost, has exceeded 150 persons, approximately have as much got wounds and traumas.
as informs RIA News wreck of the passenger train following on a route Calcutta - Delhi, has occurred at the city of Rafigandzh in state of Bihar.

15 from 18 cars were derailed, when the train passed on the bridge through the river Dhave. Six cars have fallen in the river. Salvage operations conducted now are complicated from - for a heavy rain in which result the river has overflowed banks. On an accident place divisions of the militarised police and army work also. In hospitals Rafigandzha and Aurangabada are delivered while 58 persons.

on the state television of India numbers of help phones on which relatives can learn about destiny of the relatives are transferred.

the state minister who has Arrived to the place of tragedy of a railway transportation of India Nitish Kumar has declared that considers as a cause of accident damage of ways as a result of torrential rains which last two bottoms go in staff. However, it also does not exclude the version of act of terrorism.