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In Afghanistan new special action

Hundreds American military men has begun take part in new special action in east Afghanistan on border with Pakistan. As the representative of army of the USA has informed on September, 10th, the purpose of this operation - search of insurgents remaining in the country Al - Kaidy .
As transfers Reuters, the representative of army of the USA on military base in Bagrame major Richard Patterson has told that military men of 82 divisions VDV have already performed large-scale operation at village Shkin in a valley of Bermal (a province of Paktija). SHkin was the centre of the special actions which were passing in this area last months. In this district pass the transport ways connecting Afghanistan with the western Pakistan province of Vaziristan where many members " have found a refuge; Al - Kaidy .

Operation code-named Champion Strike it is directed on capture or liquidation of insurgents Al - Kaidy And also on the prevention of their possible sorties in this area, the representative of army command of the USA has informed.

Patterson did not begin to name a date started of this operation and date of its termination. He has only informed that some hiding places with the weapon and ammunition are already revealed, and also are detained some persons for check.